James Comey speaking throughout a Senate intelligence Committee hear on Capitol Hill top top Thursday.Credit...Al Drago/The new York Times
Here’s the latest sign of how much we’ve passed through the spring glass because Donald trump card moved into the White House:

James Comey, the previous director that the F.B.I., said the Senate knowledge Committee ~ above Thursday the he actually would certainly be happy if the president had actually been covertly recording your conversations on the phone, in the Oval Office, in ~ dinner and also in trumped Tower.

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When the told his optimal aides that the president had asked him to drop the investigation into National security Adviser Michael Flynn’s lying around his contacts with Russian officials, the various other F.B.I. Officials to be “as shocked and troubled through it together I was,” Comey testified on Thursday.

At that moment, Comey said, he was glad the he’d continued writing memos ~ every conversation he had with Trump, a practice he started after their first meeting in trumped Tower before the inauguration. “I to be honestly came to that he can lie around the nature of our meeting,” that told the Senate.

But Comey said he and also his aides knew that there was no means to corroborate his account the Trump’s request to autumn the Flynn case because he and the president to be alone together: It would be Comey’s word against Trump’s.

“My view of that readjusted when the prospect of tapes to be raised,” Comey said, introduce to a tweet in i beg your pardon Mr. Trump appeared to threaten Comey with recordings that would contradict his variation of events.

“Lordy, i hope there room tapes,” Comey said at another allude in his testimony.

Senator Marco Rubio, Republican the Florida, asked Comey why he no tell the president that he was exhilaration inappropriately when he cleared the Oval Office to ambush him around the Flynn probe. Comey, that was stone-faced at nearly every other moment in the hearing, allowed himself a tiny smile.

“I to be a little stunned and didn’t have the presence of mind,” he said.

“I don’t want to make it sound favor I’m Captain Courageous,” Comey said, including that every he could think around what to be “be careful of what you say.”

Twice throughout the opening minutes of today’s surreal Senate hearing, americans heard the words “plain and simple” — the height Democrat top top the committee stated it was plain and an easy that Russia “attacked united state right right here at home” by hacking the 2016 election. And also Comey claimed it was level and simple that Trump had actually told “lies” around his reasons for shoot the F.B.I. Director.

Here’s something rather that’s plain and simple.

It’s crucial to get to the bottom that Russia’s nefarious attacks on the American political system, and whether the Trump organization colluded in the scheme. After ~ all, the Kremlin has currently gotten indigenous Trump something the wanted since the phibìc Atlantic Treaty to be signed top top April 4, 1949 — trumped has called into inquiry the United states commitment to the mutual-defense clause of that pact, not mentioning it in a current speech prior to NATO leaders.

A couple of of the republic on the committee, choose Senator Roy dull of Missouri, loyally do the efforts to make Comey watch bad, particularly when Comey admitted that he provided his memo around the Oval Office meeting to a friend so he could leak it come the press.

But it no work.

Others do the efforts to make it seem as though Trump had not technically obstructed justice, and made much of the notion that he never ever said something favor “I’m bespeak you come fake the outcomes of the investigation.”

That didn’t occupational either. Over there is no hiding the plain and basic fact that Trump abused his power. His primary goal was not, i believe, to defend Michael Flynn, however to protect a person far an ext important to Trump: himself.

The abiding picture from this hearing will be the spectacle that the nation’s top regulation enforcement officer to compare the president’s attempts come interfere v the F.B.I. Investigations to Henry II’s famous plea.

“It type of ring in my ear as, ‘Will nobody rid me of this meddlesome priest,’ ” that said.

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Henry was referring to thomas Becket, the archbishop the Canterbury, whom the king followers later killed. Comey clearly knows his history. It’s as well bad, for every one of us, that Trump never bothered to learn it.