James Comey"s lengthy career at the room of Justice pertained to an abrupt end when chairman Trump fired him together Director that the FBI critical week. After a turoulend year in which he led controversial investigations into Hillary Clinton"s managing of main State room emails, the president"s cases that trumped Tower to be tapped by the Obama management and Russian meddling in the 2016 elections, Trump finally "lost confidence" in him.Comey has a long background in the department of Justice, however has likewise had several tasks in the private sector. Chairman George W. Shrub appointed him Deputy Attorney general in 2003; he served for 2 years that had a brief stint together Acting Attorney basic while man Ashcroft recovered from surgery. Among other accomplishments in his public organization career, that ran a successful routine to alleviate the homicide rate in Richmond, Va., if in the U.S. Attorney"s office there, and also expedited the indictment the 14 men allegedly involved in the 1996 terrorist bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia that eliminated 19 American company members. As U.S. Lawyer in the southern District of new York, he led the investigate of Martha Stewart, that was convicted of perjury in connection with one insider trading case, and Adelphia communications founder john Rigas, who went to prison for bank fraud, wire fraud and securities fraud.

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In 2005, Comey left legislation enforcement because that the defense industry, involvement money-in-politics powerhouse Lockheed Martin. As senior vice president and general counsel that earned much more than $6 million in compensation in his last full year through the company.

During that time he also sat top top the board of the U.S. Room of Commerce"s national Chamber legal action Center, created to advancement business interests in the courts. The Chamber has been the reigning lobbying champ for years and also is currently getting connected in campaigns in a large way, spending more than $35.6 million in exterior money on the 2012 elections.

After practically five year at Lockheed Martin, Comey invested three year at Bridgewater Associates , the biggest hedge fund in the world. That left Bridgewater and also became senior research scholar and Hertog fellow on nationwide Security in ~ Columbia regulation School in February 2013, and also joined the board of London-based HSBC Holdings.

As the facility has reported, Comey maxed the end his contributions to Mitt Romney in 2012 in an effort to unseat his brand-new boss, and also gave come Obama"s 2008 opponent, Sen. Man McCain (R-Ariz.).

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Employment Timeline


Employment History

PeriodEmployerTitleAdditional Info
2013-2013Columbia UniversityRevolving Door Personnel: (13)Senior research study Scholar, school of LawMajor Donor profile
2013-2017Federal bureau of InvestigationRevolving Door Personnel: (20)DirectorAgency lobbying profile
2010-2013Bridgewater AssocRevolving Door Personnel: (3)CounselMajor Donor profile
2009-2010US chamber of Commerce"s national Chamber lawsuit CenterRevolving Door Personnel: (2)Chairman of board of Directors
2005-2010Lockheed MartinRevolving Door Personnel: (62)Senior vice President/General CounselClient lobbying profileMajor Donor profile
2003-2005Office that the attorney GeneralRevolving Door Personnel: (113)Deputy attorney General
1996-2003US Attorney"s OfficeRevolving Door Personnel: (126)US Attorney
1993-1996McGuire, Woods et alRevolving Door Personnel: (12)PartnerFirm lobbying profileMajor Donor profile
Lobbying certain
private Sector
commonwealth Govt.
State/Local Govt.

For registered lobbyists, employment histories may it is in incomplete prior to 1998 because the Senate Office of Public records does not make registrations and also reports available electronically because that those years.