Dolly’s new song, “Comin’ home for Christmas,” offers us a glimpse into her childhood Christmas traditions.

Dolly Parton is well-known for wrapping the stories of she cherished childhood right into the melodies of i can not forget songs. They space her presents to the world. Through the come of her brand-new Christmas album, A Holly Dolly Christmas, she has offered fans a actual holiday treat; twelve songs, including five penned by Dolly herself. The lyrics of one such song, “Comin’ home for Christmas,” reveal the heart of what made her family’s two-room log cabin a home.

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Dolly reminisces around many of the holiday traditions her household shared. Her father, Robert Lee Parton, and also her brothers would certainly go out right into the woods to chop under a tree, if the girls were busy inside make ornaments. Dolly fondly recalls the fancy rags her mother would tie right into beautiful bows to cave on the freshly cut Christmas tree. They even made a star out of cardboard and also tinfoil to place atop the priceless pine. Each household member play a special component in the development of their Smoky hill Christmas memories. Dolly reflects,

“It was fun, because it provided us all something to execute together. We all felt favor we added to it, and also Mama always made everything special too.”

Even after Dolly left residence to relocate to Nashville, she still went back to east Tennessee to invest Christmas with her loved ones. V the years, Dolly has ongoing to celebrate v her family during the holidays. She’ll be the an initial to tell you she loves Christmas so much that she has a Christmas tree in almost every room of she house!

In “Comin’ home for Christmas,” Dolly shares with listeners the magic of her Appalachian roots. The memories made in she Tennessee mountain home are treasures to Dolly. She there is no forgotten where she came from, and also that firm structure is what she proceeds to build on today. Dolly’s article serves as a wonderful reminder to adopt your heritage and also cherish the people you organize dear.




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