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Look, I gain it. It’s super fun to get all mad when a movie you prefer leaves Netflix. "That’s no fair," girlfriend say, slamming her fists against the table. "I don’t care that they’re not an alleged to have actually everything, and I don’t treatment that I’ve never watched the movie in the last three years it was on the service." You want it, and you want it now. Except soon you won"t want for anything ever before again... Because space dementia is comes to Netflix following month.

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That’s right. Ns talking about Armageddon.

Ben Affleck, with his freshly-capped chompers. Owen Wilson, act the Owen Wilson thing before we knew what the Owen Wilson thing was. Liv Tyler. Bruce Willis. Steve Buscemi. Animal crackers.

You heard me. Armageddon.

There’s other stuff coming, too. Full steel Jacket. Sin City. Dope. The long-awaited debut the Fuller House. Amazon’s got some surprises: Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq. Amy. The one true and holy Batman, as played by Mr. Michael Keaton. Hulu’s also getting in ~ above the action, releasing its Stephen King adaptation 11.22.63 ~ above February 15th.

You might say it’s a pretty an excellent month all around, even though Netflix is shedding things favor Doctor Who and also The Terminator. However really, that cares? There’s only one movie that matters.

That’s right. Armageddon.

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Coming come Netflix

February 1st

A picture of YouArmageddon Better contact Saul, season 1Charlie’s AngelsCollateral DamageCruel IntentionsA quicker HorseFull metal JacketGame FaceJennifer 8Johnny EnglishThe little Engine the Could The Lizzie Borden Chronicles, season 1Losing Isaiah Masha’s Tales, season 1My next of the MountainPara ElisaPokemon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon that Destruction Pokemon: XY, season 1Scooby-DooScooby-Doo 2: monsters UnleashedSin CityStar Trek V: The final FrontierStardustTalladega Nights: The Ballad that Ricky BobbyTeen WitchTin Man: find for the EmeraldThe Year Dolly Parton to be My Mom

February 2nd-15th

Land before Time XIV: journey of the BraveI Love girlfriend Phillip MorrisGaspar Noe’s Love Care bear & Cousins, season 2Hannibal Buress: Comedy Camisado Mad Men, season 7: component 2 Turbo: F.A.S.T., season 3Lila & EveDopeThe Girl in the BookThe face of LoveOpen SeasonXXY

February 16th-24th

AsthmaAtonement The Returned, season 2 Cooked, season 1 Love, season 13rd human being Cops 2BareMarvel at sight Hero Adventures: Frost Fight!

February 26th-29th

Crouching Tiger, concealed Dragon: sword of Destiny Fuller House, season 1Theo Von: No OffenseFinding Vivian MaierAshes and Embers

Leaving Netflix

February 1st

Bad SantaBenny & JoonBig FishBlue CrushDoctor WhoRain ManRayTerms of EndearmentThe FirmThe pains LockerThe naked GunThe Terminator

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Coming to Amazon element Video

February 1st

A much better LifeAmy Batman (1989)Deliver us From EvilHow to Steal a MillionKings of SummerLike Sunday, choose RainLost in TranslationMen in BlackNight WatchNintendo QuestThe fifth ElementThe Fury The Karate Kid (1984)The Truth around EmanuelTo it is in Or not To BeTwelve O’Clock HighWaking Ned Devine

February 2nd-5th

AdalineMyanmar: Bridges come ChangeThe identity Theft of Mitch MustainTalladega Nights: The Ballad the Ricky BobbyChi-RaqFire City: end of DaysOuija Exorcism

February 15th-29th