The November harvest at Prime video brought in a bumper chop of series and movies. Plus, the live-streaming sporting activities offerings thrive as tennis join football.

Here room our height 10 selections for the month — all consisted of in her prime membership.

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One that the best of last spring"s batch the original pilots lands as a complete series. Rachel Brosnahan stars as Midge Maisel, a housewife life in Manhattan in 1958 v a husband who dreams of coming to be a standup comedian. In quick order, Midge learns that her husband is leaving her — and also that she is the one v a talent because that comedy. Amy Sherman-Palladino, the brain behind Gilmore Girls and Bunheads, developed this series. (TV-MA)Watch now


A sweet-but-not-syrupy original comedy based on the real-life romantic of comedian Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, writer Emily V. Gordon. Nanjiani dram a easy fictional variation of himself, a comedian indigenous a rigidly traditional Pakistani family. Zoe Kazan is Emily, a quirky Midwestern graduate student. They"re wildly attracted to every other, however the social gap seems unbridgeable — until she becomes seriously ill. (R)Watch now


This season"s Thursday night games have been spectacular for the many part, and also the November slate promises to be simply as good. The 3 matchups attribute six teams needing wins to remain in the playoff chase: the Seattle Seahawks in ~ the Arizona Cardinals (November 9), the Tennessee Titans in ~ the Pittsburgh Steelers (November 16) and the Washington Redskins in ~ the Dallas Cowboys (November 30). (TV-NR)Watch now


Want to gain a emergence at the following Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Then examine out this tournament, which pits the world"s eight peak male players eras 21 and also younger. The matches will certainly stream live from Milan, Italy, from November 7–11. Accompanying functions will record the road to the championship and also introduce the competitors, who encompass 21-year-old American Jared Donaldson. (PG-13)Watch now


Denzel Washington and also Viola Davis star — and that alone need to make anyone want to watch. Yet for the sake of completeness, let"s add that Fences is movie adaptation of respectable Wilson"s Pulitzer Prize-winning play of the exact same name. Washington, who also directed the film, theatre a garbage collector struggling to organize his household together in 1950s Pittsburgh. (PG-13)Watch now

Emma Watson stars as a young technology worker that thinks she has found paradise with her new job at The Circle, a giant agency that appears to market its employees everything they need. She shortly discovers the The one harbors a dark side and disturbing ambitions. Tom Hanks theatre a tiny but vital role as the company"s founder. Adapted from the novel by Dave Eggers. (PG-13)Watch currently

Oscar winner Robert Zemeckis directed this romantic thriller starring Brad Pitt and also Marion Cotillard. During people War II, a Canadian knowledge officer and also a mrs from the French Resistance autumn in love while paired on a risky mission. But when questions arise around the woman"s true intentions, the officer should decide where his loyalty lies. (R)Watch now

This eerie science-fiction collection explores the intersection of dreams and also reality, the subconscious and the conscious. 3 strangers come to realize that they space somehow sharing the exact same dreams. Together they pursue the mystery, they acquire pulled into the shadowy doings the a multinational company known as The Firm. (TV-14)Watch now

The personalities from the endearing If You offer a computer mouse ... Books spring to man life in a new Prime-exclusive Original collection aimed at the 4-to-8-year-old set. Mouse and his girlfriend Oliver, Dog, Cat, Pig and Moose manage to rotate the simplest undertakings right into a funny adventure. (TV-Y)Watch now

Here"s an additional initial that is a hit with the preschool crowd. Stinky is a garbage truck and also Dirty is his finest friend, a backhoe. In each installment, the pair encounters a tricky difficulty that can"t be resolved unless castle think creatively and work together. Grownups will be impression by the artful animation. (TV-Y)Watch now

Michael Hewitt, the previous television movie critic for the Orange ar (Calif.) Register, is a lifelong movie buff and also TV addict. He lives in southern California and is functioning on his first novel.
Stream now: As component of your Prime membership, you also can watcheverything rather coming to Prime video clip in November:

November 1
A Knight"s story (2001)A view to kill (1985)Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)Airplane! (1980)Altar Egos (2017)Bad boys (1983)Beauty manufacturing facility (2013)Bram Stoker"s Dracula (1992)Chasing the Star (2017)Crocodile Dundee (1986)Crocodile Dundee II (1988)Dances v Wolves (1990)Diamonds room Forever (1971)Die another Day (2002)Dirty work-related (1998)Dr. No (1963)For her Eyes just (1981)From Russia v Love (1964)GoldenEye (1995)Goldfinger (1964)Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)Legally Blondes(2009)License to death (1989)Live and also Let die (1973)Moonraker (1979)Never Say never ever Again (1983)Nowhere to operation (1993)No way to Live (2016)Octopussy (1983)On her Majesty"s an enig Service (1969)Redeemer (2015)Speed Racer (2008)St. Elmo"s Fire (1985)The Beautiful persons (2017)The cell (2000)The Departed (2007)The small Tin male (2013)The living Daylights (1987)The guy with the golden Gun (1974)The Peacemaker (1997)The quest of Happyness (2006)The Spy who Loved Me (1977)The human being is Not enough (1999)Thunderball (1965)Tomorrow never ever Dies (1997)Unforgettable (1996)Up in the air (2009)You only Live double (1967)

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November 3
The just Living boy in brand-new York ( Original) (2017) November 4Tyler Perry"s Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) November 5Life on the line (2016)The lover (2017) November 6Among us (2017)Pearly gateways (2015) November 7Fifty Shades of black color (2017)Home Fires, Season 2 November 9Armed an answer (2017)Thursday Night Football: Seahawks vs. Cardinals November 13Baby measures (2015)Broken Mile (2016)Orion (2015)The Patent scam (2017) November 16Shot Caller (2017)Thursday Night Football: Titans vs. Steelers November 17Landline ( Original) (2017) November 19Man down (2016) November 20Before the sun Explodes (2016)Blood Ransom (2014) November 21Dark Angel, Season 1 November 23Home Remedy, Season 1 November 27London"s finest (2014)Panic (2014)The Incomparable climbed Hartman (2016) November 28Click Clack Moo Holiday distinct ( Original) (2017) November 30Ogar: will of steel (2017)Thursday Night Football: Redskins vs. Cowboys