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The Joffer family is earlier and better than ever in the upcoming Coming come America sequel, Coming 2 America. The Eddie Murphy follow-up bring the laughs, the looks and so much much more to the screen, giving audiences some much-needed escapism in the middle of a global pandemic.

This time around, Akeem is charged through preparing his long-lost son, Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler), because that the throne after finding out he fathered a son throughout the occasions of the first film. The King the Zamunda is attach by a organize of characters, consisting of Semmi (Arsenio Hall), Lisa McDowell (Shari Headley) and also his eldest daughter, Princess Meeka (KiKi Layne).

elafilador.net had a one-of-a-kind sneak peek of the film and also we’re counting down the top things to store look out for while tuning right into Coming 2 America.

1. The Costume Design:

Head costume designer Ruth E. Carter brought she A-game for this project. From Akeem’s kingly ensembles to his daughter’s stunning outfits, the entire actors looks certain flawless. Detail is given to every costume that shows up on screen, and also audiences will watch a wide variety of head pieces, jewelry, prints, beading, patterns and so lot more. Bella Murphy, who plays Akeem’s 2nd daughter, told elafilador.net exclusively that she feeling “blessed” to job-related with Carter. “When you put on her costumes, it just makes obtaining into her character so lot easier,” she shared. “It was just amazing.” us couldn’t agree more!

Garcelle Beauvais stars in comes 2 America. Photograph Courtesy the Amazon Studios

2. The Music:

Coming 2 America really brings the imperial flavor when it involves the tunes. The soundtrack, produced by Def Jam Recordings, attributes a slew of memorable soon-to-be hits, including a Megan Thee Stallion and Bobby Sessions collab, “I’m a King.” The album will additionally feature Teyana Taylor, who provides an epos musical power in the film that viewers won’t want to miss.

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3. The Nostalgia:

Let’s keep it real—sequels room all around reminiscing, right? Coming 2 America doesn’t hold ago when it involves yesteryear, bringing earlier nearly every one of the original characters from the first film. Audience will acquire to gain the likes of Randy Watson, Reverend Brown, Maurice, Mr. Clarence—even the McDowell’s restaurant is back for more fun! take it a moment to transport yourself back to 1988 once watching this sequel.

Eddie Murphy and also Arsenio hall star in comes 2 America.Photo Courtesy of Amazon Studios

4. Celebrity Cameos:

Nearly every one of Black Hollywood want to component of this movie (who deserve to blame them?!) and it shows. The sequel functions a hold of celebrity appearances and cameos, consisting of an appearance from rapper Rick Ross, that somehow discovered his method to Zamunda, and also Morgan Freeman, who is featured in a laugh-out-loud hilarious scene through James Earl Jones, Eddie Murphy and also more. Make certain to store a nearby eye out for more pop-ups from your fave Hollywood starlets.

KiKi Layne and Eddie Murphy star in comes 2 America. Picture Courtesy that Amazon Studios

5. Girl Power

Coming 2 America might center around Akeem’s discovery of his son, yet it’s his badass daughters the really rock. Layne’s Princess Meeka, Bella Murphy’s Princess Omma and also Akiley Love‘s Princess Tinashe room all beautiful, skilled, accomplished women and also girls that aren’t fear to defend themselves, usage their voice and show your power. They may be royalty, however the daughters are skilled in combat and also know just how to take care of their own. The trio more than likely learned the from mother Queen Lisa, who additionally doesn’t hold earlier in the movie. Gain some much-needed black girl magic—just with time for Women’s history Month!

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