Netflix: 15 finest Movies and also TV mirrors You Didn’t know Were comes In February Here"s whatever coming come Netflix united state in February that 2018, consisting of Kill Bill, guys In Black, Goodfellas, and also so numerous Netflix initial series.

it’s February! That means Valentine’s Day, the last weeks the winter, and also a whole new crop the Netflix offerings for her streaming pleasure while it’s tho cold outside. This month, Netflix is bringing out a large number of brand-new Netflix Originals, native live-action anime to their first Indian love story, to straight up comedy, so there space plenty the brand new streamables because that anyone in the mood to check out something totally new. In addition, Netflix is including multiple standard movies, indigenous gangster flicks come gross-out comedy to family favorites.

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While there are likewise plenty of good movies and also TV mirrors that are leaving the streaming organization this February, there are enough on the means to much more than consist of for it, whether you feeling like exploring a series, a solo movie, or bingeing a movie marathon.

All release dates are for us Netflix, and also may differ by region.

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15. American Pie

pan of gross-out comedy and teenage hijinks will certainly be dazzling to recognize that no under than five of the American Pie collection will be comes to Netflix this month. The original, American Pie, will be streamable from Feb 1, along with American Pie 2, American Pie Presents: band Camp, American Pie Presents: The book Of Love and American Pie Presents: The naked Mile. American Wedding and American Pie: Reunion are the only films in the franchise not on Netflix now, although five is sufficient for any fan to binge this month!

Joel Kinnaman in changed Carbon Netflix
one of the most anticipated brand-new Netflix Originals that the year, Altered Carbon is the small-screen take on the novel that the same name. A dystopian sci-fi, the collection begins with the premise that people are no their bodies, and consciousness can be transferred right into a new host. Native there, Altered Carbon delves into a killing mystery, filled with sex and also violence. And also with only ten episodes in the very first season, this should be the binge-watch the the month.

Arriving: Feb 2nd

13. Kill Bill Vols 1 & 2

The Bride kill Bill
Quentin Tarantino himself has actually made no secret of the reality that the doesn’t choose the streaming site, but Uma Thurman’s blood-soaked Bride is nevertheless going come be added to the Netflix catalog this month, v Kill bill Vol. 1 and kill Bill Vol. 2 both coming to the streaming organization in February. Kill bill Vols 1 & 2 will certainly be joining Pulp Fiction and Inglorious Basterds this month, so Tarantino fans can do some significant bingeing.

Arriving: Feb 1st

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12. Whatever Sucks (Netflix Original)

Netflix Original whatever Sucks
Having captured the ‘80s in Stranger Things, now Netflix goes ‘90s in this brand-new series set in 1996, a resulting age dramedy that takes location in Oregon, in the town of Boring. Everything Sucks looks choose a Netflix rotate on Freaks and also Geeks, with the AV club and drama nerds front and also center and plenty of nostalgia supposed over a time prior to smartphones.

Arriving: Feb 16th

11. Goodfellas

An pure classic, Goodfellas will certainly be authorized Netflix’s enviable directory of gangster movie (including the Godfather trilogy and also Scarface) this February. The life story that Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), Goodfellas has a star-studded cast and also an Oscar under that belt, and routinely pops up on peak movie list - with good reason. Even if it is you pick to clock it solo, or go all out on a February gangster movie marathon, Goodfellas is constantly worth a re-watch.

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