The commission on the Theft that American intellectual Property is one independent and bipartisan to plan of top Americans from the personal sector, public business in national security and foreign affairs, academe, and also politics. On may 22, 2013, the IP Commission exit its original report. On February 27, 2017, the IP Commission released an upgrade that provides a new assessment that the problem and details progress to date on referrals from the 2013 IP the supervisory board Report.

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Recent Developments, brand-new Research, and also Updated Recommendations

On march 15, 2021, the the supervisory board on the Theft of American intellectual Property (IP Commission) exit the IP the supervisory board 2021 evaluation to market updated plan recommendations.

On February 21, 2019, the commission on the Theft the American pundit Property (IP Commission) released the IP commission 2019 review to (1) highlight recent developments, (2) review brand-new research that demonstrates the continued salience that IP defense to U.S. Competitiveness, and (3) offer updated policy recommendations.

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On march 8, 2018, the the supervisory board on the Theft the American pundit Property (IP Commission) provided policy referrals for factor to consider by the Trump management in solution to the section 301 examination of Chinese theft of pundit property (IP) and forced an innovation transfer:

Update to the IP commission Report (February 2017)


Filename: IP_Commission_Report_Update_2017.pdfMD5: 61691d3ce9275698e22f5ee1f5363eedSHA-1: 25f9b5e9e9ff745c7cbb032ba8a72292e63e4d7e
The IP board of directors Report (May 2013)


Filename: IP_Commission_Report_052213.pdfMD5: f64c83078091e4e460a511a506c740a4SHA-1: 75e9017ce2ea505c5eecff68e6ca94c474ae2a39

Commission Members


Dennis C. BlairKnott Professor of the practice at the college of phibìc Carolina, previous commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, and also former U.S. Director of national intelligence

Co-Chair Emeritus

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.Former ambassador the the United states to Russia, China, and Singapore, governor of the State of Utah, and also deputy U.S. Trade representative

Charles W. Boustany Jr.Counselor come the nationwide Bureau of eastern Research, previous six-term U.S. Representative from Louisiana

William J. Lynn IIICEO that Leonardo DRS

Deborah Wince-SmithPresident and also CEO of the council on Competitiveness

Michael K. YoungPresident emeritus the Texas A&M University, professor at the shrub School the Government and also Public administration at Texas A&M university

Commission Directors

Executive Director

Roy KamphausenPresidentThe nationwide Bureau of eastern Research

Executive manager (emeritus)

Richard J. EllingsPresident Emeritus and CounselorThe national Bureau of asian Research

About the Commission

The three purposes of the Commission space to:

Document and assess the causes, scale, and also other major dimensions that international pundit property theft as they influence the united States.Document and also assess the role of China in international pundit property theft.Propose suitable U.S. Policy responses that would minimize ongoing and also future damage and obtain higher enforcement of pundit property legal rights by China and also other infringers.The IP the supervisory board was supported by unrestricted funding detailed by and its Slade Gorton global Policy Center.