Chris Magnus is the Commissioner of U.S. Customs and also Border security ( In this leadership position, he oversees 60,000 employees, manages a budget of over $15 billion, and also ensures the efficient operations of’s mission to protect national defense while promoting economic prosperity. Mr. Magnus directs’s 3 core missions, counterterrorism, border security, and trade enforcement, when facilitating $4 trillion in trade and facilitating take trip of over 410 million human being through harbor of entry. He oversees the largest law enforcement firm and the second-largest revenue-collecting source in the federal government.

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Troy A. Miller is the Deputy Commissioner because that U.S. Customs and also Border protection ( In this role, he serves together the agency’s an elderly career official, overseeing the day-to-day operations that’s expansive mission, consisting of matters relating to trade, travel, and also national security.

INTERGOVERNMENTAL public LIAISONExecutive Director Tim Quinn

The Intergovernmental windy Liaison is responsible because that advising the commissioner, deputy commissioner and program offices on the affect of policies and also initiatives with regard to state, local and tribal stakeholders.

To accomplish this mission, the liaison office strives to keep open communication and also build effective relationships through state, local and also tribal governments. The office assists this stakeholders through regular, transparent and also proactive communication by maintaining partnerships through active outreach.

State, local and also tribal government issues about border security and also trade facilitation deserve to be referred to the Intergovernmental public Liaison.

PRIVACY and also DIVERSITYExecutive manager Rebekah A. Salazar

The Privacy and also Diversity Office (PDO) is responsible for developing and implementing the policies, procedures and also internal controls important to: develop a culture of privacy by ensuring and safeguarding every personally identifiable info (PII) pursuant come the Privacy Act; processing freedom of information Act (FOIA) requests; ensure the respects and also protects the polite rights and civil free of the trade and also traveling public; comply with limited English capability (LEP) requirements; obtain and process equal employment possibility (EEO) complaints filed by applicants and current employees; development’s Diversity and also Inclusion initiatives; and also to certain compliance with the jail Rape Elimination action (PREA).


The Office of profession Relations, top by the an elderly Advisor because that Trade, is responsible for regulating’s outreach and also communications with the international trade community. The office ensures the the profession community and the public understand that trade is one integral component of’s mission: make America safer, stronger, an ext prosperous, and also economically competitive.

The office"s mission is to continually enhance relations between and the trade community by enhancing collaboration, cooperation, and inform decision make at all levels including operational, legislative, and political. The office also is responsible for organizing and presenting formal outreach efforts to the profession community, including’s annual Trade Symposium, monthly trade day meetings, trade roundtable meetings, and webinars.

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The office manages the Advisory Committee on commercial Operations that U.S. Customs and also Border protection (COAC), a congressionally mandated trade advisory group. Finally, the office is the designated regulatory fairness representative for the agency with obligation for cultivating compliance with the little Business regulatory Enforcement same Act.