The an easy problem of the disputes over both the No son Left Behind Act and the common Core State requirements is the id held by some that all youngsters should be taught the very same thing at the same time and be measured against each various other to check out whether progress has been made." data-date="March 31, 2015" data-duration="1 min read" data-categoryLink="" data-key="articles" > eliminate save to favourite save to favourite
to the Editor:

The basic problem that the discussions over both the No boy Left Behind Act and also the usual Core State criter is the id held by part that all kids should be taught the same thing at the same time and be measured versus each various other to see whether progress has been made.

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This has not functioned for past generations, and also will not occupational for future generations. Each boy is different—cognitively, socially, physically, and also emotionally—and must never it is in measured versus the accomplishments or growth of another child. Kids are not created on one assembly line, through the end products to be contrasted with those from other assembly lines.

The common-core standards might be helpful as a tool for teachers to guide students to create their own individual goals for attainment. The exam themselves deserve to only be valuable for an individual student to watch if he or she has in fact achieved those separation, personal, instance goals and also to plot the next steps on the continually of the common standards.

These standards should be based on the an easy skills because that reading, math, science, social studies, and the arts as they are used for a life of constant learning. The contents addressed for accomplishing those an abilities will differ from child to child, college to school, and state to state. Thus, trying to compare schools and also states is a worthless venture that wastes money and also creates institution dropouts.

Nancy S. Self

College Station, Texas

The author is a retirement clinical associate professor native Texas A&M University.

Federal plan No kid Left Behind act

A version of this article appeared in the April 01, 2015 edition of education and learning Week together Both NCLB and the usual Core overlook Students’ Individuality

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