Communism is a form of government and philosophy. Its score is to kind a culture where everything is common equally. All civilization are cure equally and also there is small private ownership. In a communist government, the government owns and controls most everything including property, way of production, education, transportation, and also agriculture.

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History that CommunismKarl Marx is considered the dad of Communism. Marx to be a German philosopher and economist who wrote about his concepts in a publication called the Communist manifest in 1848. His communist theory have also become known as Marxism.Marx described ten important elements of a communist government:No private propertyA single central bankHigh earnings tax that would rise substantially as you made moreAll residential property rights would certainly be confiscatedNo inheritance rightsThe government would own and also control every communication and also transportationThe federal government would own and also control all educationThe government would own and also control factories and agricultureFarming and regional planning would be operation by the governmentThe government would tightly regulate laborCommunism in RussiaCommunism began in Russia v the climb of the Bolshevik Party led by Vladimir Lenin. Lock led the 1917 October transformation that overthrew the current government and also took power. Lenin to be a monitor of Marxist philosophies. His see on government ended up being known together Marxism-Leninism.
Russia ended up being known together the Soviet Union. In people War II Russia sided with the Allied strength in stimulate to aid defeat Germany and Adolf Hitler. However, ~ the battle the Soviet Union took manage of several countries in eastern Europe. They became known together the eastern Bloc. The Soviet Union became one the the world"s 2 superpowers in addition to the unified States. For numerous years they battled the west in what is today referred to as the Cold War.Communist ChinaAnother major country to be rule by a communist federal government is China. The Communist Party gained control after winning the Chinese civil War. The communists took over mainland China in 1950. Mao Zedong to be the leader of communist China for countless years. The kind of communism in China at the time is often called Maoism. That was also heavily based off of Marxism.Actual ResultsThe actual results of communist governments have been quite various from the theory of Marxism. The bad people the were claimed to be helped by Marxism have frequently been cure horribly by the leader of the government. For example, Soviet Union leader Joseph Stalin had hundreds of thousands of his political enemies executed. That is estimated that millions much more died because that the "good that the state" in job camps that Stalin developed for anyone that disagreed v the government. He also purposely allowed famines (where millions of bad people starved to death) in order to rest the will of the people and maintain full control.Communist states typically have lot less flexibility than democracies. They avoid the exercise of religion, order certain people come work specific jobs, and also prevent civilization from moving roughly or moving to various other countries. People lose all civil liberties to ownership and government officials end up being incredibly powerful.Interesting Facts about CommunismOther communist nations include Cuba, Vietnam, phibìc Korea, and Laos.The Chinese federal government has to be under fire for years for human being rights violations. This consisted of many executions, detaining detainees without trial, and wide ranging censorship.In the era once Mao Zedong rule China the poverty rate was in ~ 53%. However, China started economic reforms moving away from communism in 1978 under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping. The poverty rate was down to 6% in 2001.
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