Is your house full of old VHS tapes and films from your wedding, family members vacation, or just basic things the you"ve taped in the past?

Our priceless memories are stored top top old VHS tapes that degrade end time, and also on peak of that, the tools that have the right to play lock are coming to be rare through the day.

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The best method to attend to this trouble is come convert VHS to Digital. Unfortunately, the procedure of act this top top your own is fairly complicated, and you would need to buy extr equipment that can convert VHS tapes.

The best way to transform VHS come DVD, USB, or digital is to have a professional company service perform this because that you. But, exactly how would someone recognize which business does this type of job-related the best?

That"s whereby we come in. We"ve discovered the Top 5 best VHS to digital service top top the market and found out which one is the winner, so friend don"t have to research all this on your own.

Without more ado, let"s get started.

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1) iMemories


READ complete REVIEW

iMemories touts itself together the original digitizing company.

They provide their client a complimentary quote when they ship your media. There space also complimentary image renovations when convert to digital and cost-free UPS shipping, in addition to the complimentary quote.


Another thing they are proud of is that they"ve never lost or damaged a solitary media that they"ve received. The is impressive, considering they have actually digitized numerous memories.

Their turnaround time is quite impressive. You can obtain your old media digitized in 2-3 weeks.

They have an app for iOS and also Android wherein you view and also share her memories v the remainder of her family and friends.

Steps to take in stimulate to have your old vcr tapes digitized through iMemories is fairly simple:

Pack her old mediaSearch v your home for old VHS tapes, films, picture slides, negatives, DVDs and put them all together in a SafeShip Kit box and also send it to them to digitize and organize. Digitizing starts at their firm headquartersA team of professionals will take her old media and also carefully transform them into your preferred choice of format. Finally, start watching with your family and friendsImmediately start watching her old videos from their iOS and Android app or a USB or DVD.

You have the right to choose between 4 means on just how you obtain your new digitized media:

Digital file DownloadDownload all her digitized storage for free! Customized DVDA tradition DVD of her memories for $9.99 every DVD.
USB thumb DriveYour memory on USB drive beginning at $19.99 (8GB). iMemories CloudAdd for just $5.99 every month or $49.99 per year.

What will certainly iMemories digitize?

iMemories will digitize:

Movie movies - 8mm, 16mm, supervisor 8Videotapes - Betamax, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, MiniDV, MicroMiniPhoto Slides and NegativesDVDs and MiniDVD

iMemories Pricing

As the time of writing this article, iMemories was giving a restricted Time sell of 20% top top digital counter pricing.

Conversion that Videotapes normally prices $14.99 yet now it"s just $11.99 per tape and the exact same thing is v Movies movies which is $11.99 per 50ft.

Photos are normally $0.59 yet it"s currently $0.47 every photo.

Click below to watch if the restricted Time market is still available.

2) LegacyBox



LegacyBox is a digitizing service that takes her old outdated media and transfers it to a digital layout for simple viewing experience.

They have been digitizing memories for 10+ years. The company is situated in the us where they have a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility whereby they employ over 200 trained professionals.

LegacyBox takes your digitizing procedure very seriously. Each item they receive is hand-digitized by a team that trained technicians.

They have a an excellent online tracking system that deserve to send up to 12 emailed updates along the journey of digitizing her memories.

As with the iMemories SafeShip Kit, LegacyBox will also send you their LegacyBox Kit which you fill in with your VHS tapes, or any kind of other media that they support.

Every Legacybox Kit comes v a prepaid return UPS mailing brand for you come use when sending her old media

After friend send it come them, they will begin converting your old media to among the 3 choices they offer:

Digital access - One time download is $5.99 and also the countless full-year download is $5.99/yearThumb drive - additionally $5.99 (they nothing specify the GB size of the flash drive)Disc collection - DVD’s will additionally cost you $5.99.

What Old Media will Legacybox Digitize?

LegacyBox digitizes Tapes, Film, Photos, and Audio.

For Tapes especially they will convert: VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Hi8, Digital 8, MicroMV, Betamax, and 8mm video Cassette.

When it involves Film, they will certainly digitize: 16mm, 8mm, supervisor 8, and also Regular 8.

For Photos, LegacyBox will certainly make a conversion of: Prints, 35mm Negatives, and also 35mm/126 slides.

And finally, because that Audio, the organization will digitize: Reel come Reel, Audio Cassettes, and Micro-Cassette.

Legacybox Pricing

They have actually 4 alternatives which you can choose from:

2 article Starter: This one is the cheapest choice to choose and also it expenses $59.98. Convert up to 2 Films, or 2 Tapes, or you deserve to go v 2 to adjust of 25 photos to digital format.10 items Family: This one is $279.98 and also for the amount girlfriend can transform up come 10 tapes or 10 films, or 10 set of 25 images to digital format.20 items Closet: because that $559.98 you can convert up to 20 tapes, or 20 films, or you have the right to go v 10 sets of 25 images.40 item Trunk: This is the many expensive one and also it will cost you $1099.98. Through this package you can convert up come 40 tapes or films or 40 to adjust of 25 pictures to digital.

3) SouthTree Digitizing


The 3rd option on our perform is Southtree digitizing service. They have actually a 100,000 square foot structure with the latest modern technology needed to convert your analog memories.

Southtree has an ext than 10 years of suffer of preserving old memories. They have actually 200+ professionals converting your media through the utmost care.

As with the first two competitors here, Southtree likewise has their very own box dubbed Southtree Converter Box. Girlfriend fill package with your old tapes, photos, etc. And also send it to them to digitize/convert.

The process of digitizing is excellent in 3 basic steps:

Buy a Southtree Converter Box, load it and also then delivery it to them.Included in the box are safety and security barcodes for every items you place inside and also a prepaid return shipping label to UPS.Southree beginning digitizing.Their team of experts will begin working on her items, sending you emailed updates along the way.You receive every little thing back.They will certainly send you earlier all your original items consisting of the newly digitized ones.

What go Southtree digitize?

Tapes: VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, Digital 8, MicroMV, Beta, Pal to NTSC.

Film: 16mm, 8mm, supervisor 8.Photos: Prints, Slides, Negatives.Audio: Cassettes, Reel-To-Reel.

I never ever would’ve guessed that Costco would have a business like this, yet lo and also behold, here they space on this list.

The just noticeable difference between the remainder is that they perform not have actually a box of their own where you placed your memories. Instead you discover a box of your own and fill it through your old media.

The processing time is likewise longer, it will certainly take 3-4 weeks for them to end up everything. They also email you as soon as they receive your package and when castle send it earlier to you.

The process of do an order have the right to be make in 3 simple steps:

You develop an bespeak on your site.Package the all inside a box and also send it to them.Receive your new and modern-day digital media.

What go Costco digitize?

CostcoDVD will certainly digitize Video, Film, Photos, and also Slides.

When it come to video transfer castle support:

VHS and also S-VHSBetamaxVHS-C, S-VHS-CVideo8, Hi8, Digital 8DV, DVCAMMiniDV, DVC

For movies They accept:

8 mmSuper 8 mm16 mm


2’’ x 2’’ (minimum)2’’ x 3’’4’’ x 6’’5’’ x 7’’8’’ x 8’’8’’ x 10’’8’’ x 12’’ (maximum)


35 mm (cardboard)35 mm (plastic)

Each photo and slide is digitized into a JPEG format.

Pricing that Costco Digitizing Service

The pricing of Costco is a tad little more complicated than the remainder here.

For Video conversion they charge $19.99 every tape when you pick to have actually it moved to DVD.

When it"s a USB that is $24.99 for the very first tape, because that any additional tapes it"s $16.99.

If you choose DVD + USB you gain the very first tape for $29.99 and each added $22.99

When bespeak both DVD and also USB don’t gain them separately because it"s much more expensive. They sell a discount as soon as you get them together.

They incorporate videotape repair and a instance replacement, you also have the alternative to download a digital copy of your videos from your MemoryCloud.

Film conversion will cost you $19.99 for the very first 150 feet, after that it’s $0.13 every foot when transferring come DVD.

When it’s ordered ~ above a USB it is $24.99 because that the an initial 150 feet and additionally $0.13 every foot as with with DVD.

DVD + USB is $29.99 for the an initial 150 feet and also $0.13 every foot.

Included: initial audio and cleaning, splicing, scrape reduction and intensified colors and also of course the digital download.

Getting your photos converted will cost you $19.99 because that the very first 62 photos and also after the it’s $0.32 per photo.

Transferring it to a USB is $24.99 for the very first 62 photos and also $0.32 per photograph after the early stage 62.

When you choose DVD+USB it is $29.99 because that the very first set that 62 images and $0.32 after that.

For image they only include enhanced colors and also a digital download indigenous MemoryCloud.

Slides on a DVD are $19.99 because that the very first 62 slides and also $0.32 every slide after that. If you decide to get it on a USB it"s walking to expense you $24.99 for the an initial 62, and $0.32 every slide after the very first 62 slides.

DVD+USB is $29.99 because that the first 62 slides and also $0.32 per slide after ~ the first 62.

They incorporate the exact same thing as with the photos, amplified colors and also a digital download.

5) Kodak Digitizing


And ultimately the critical one on our list is the Kodak Digitizing. ~ looking at their website i realized something. It looks really comparable to Legacybox and also Southree.

After more investigation I found out the all three suppliers are own by AMB Media LLC. All three companies operate from Chattanooga, Tennessee.

From the look at of it they merely branded their service under three various names with various format conversions and also pricing.

What will Kodak digitize?

They likewise use the same standard mail-in version that they use v Southree and also Legacybox.

Kodak digitizing does Tapes, Photos, Film, and also Audio.

Kodak Digitizing Price

The agency uses the same method of pricing together it does v Legacybox yet a tad bit more expensive. Probably since they room using the Kodak brand name.

The 2 item box is $69.99, the 10 item is 299.99, the 20 item crate is 599.99, and also finally the 40 item is $1199.99.

Kodak digitizing uses 3 means to acquire your converted items which room Secure thumb Drive, Digital Download, and also DVD’s.

Final Thoughts

When you"re deciding on which VHS to Digital organization you"re going come get, you have to make certain it"s the finest one due to the fact that they will certainly be in charge of converting your precious memories.

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When you room done reading this article, execute your study if you"d favor to. Then, compare their features and also ask because that a price quote from each of them, therefore you"ll recognize for certain which one is the best VHS to Digital agency service.