They"ve provided $16 million this cycle. They"re largely white men. And also none is the CEO of any of the companies.


Among 20 of the best political donors from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft this bike are, clockwise from top left: David Fischer, Brad Smith, Naomi Gleit, Allen Blue, Reid Hoffman, Elliot Schrage, Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg.

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Top executives at Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and also Microsoft have actually written an ext than 1,000 check to political groups totaling an ext than $16 million this election cycle, through almost all of that money going come Democrats. partnered through the center for Responsive national politics to research the height donors at all 5 companies to discover out just how much they"re giving and also who they"re offering it to.

Sifting with the data, some main trends emerge. Favor the tech sector itself, the 20 world on this perform are nearly all white men. None is the CEO of any type of of the companies. Just one is a cursed Republican donor. And also compared come megadonors, who offer uncapped amounts to super PACs and outside groups, these executives space actually writing fairly small checks: The mean size of their largest donations was simply over $183,000.

Nevertheless, their offering stands in stark comparison to the of the leaders and also founders of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft, who are notoriously stingy around donating come politics and also rarely, if ever, pick a horse in any type of race. This choice cycle, they have mostly contributed sparingly, if in ~ all, to their own corporate PACs, which very closely distribute dollars evenly throughout party lines.

Read ~ above to view the optimal donors in ~ Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and also Microsoft.

Methodology: The list has the top 4 donors native the top five tech companies: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft. The data shows Federal choice Commission records as that Oct. 12, 2020, and also does not incorporate donations filed to the FEC Oct. 15. It includes anyone who"s operated at this companies due to the fact that 2019 and has donated to any federal candidates, and also the PACs and also outside groups supporting them. It additionally includes contribute made by your spouses and also dependent children, identified by the facility for Responsive Politics. It doesn"t incorporate contributions come dark money groups that aren"t forced to disclose their donors. Nor does it incorporate prominent donors like Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz or Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey, who made their money indigenous those companies however left prior to 2019.


Reid Hoffman, Microsoft plank member and co-founder the LinkedIn

Total contributions: end $7.6 millionBiggest checks: $1 million to Senate majority PAC and also $1 million to hold together the country

Hoffman is one outlier among his billionaire founder brethren, in that he"s both a prolific autonomous donor and also still somewhat affiliated with the company he co-founded. He created his an initial big check — $10,000 — to the Obama Victory money in 2008, and also since then, he"s arised as one of the party"s biggest — and most controversial — backers. In enhancement to funneling money come candidates, Hoffman has invested in reinventing democratic technology, much to the chagrin of some in the democratic establishment. His wife, Michelle Yee, is additionally a significant Democratic donor; she has added nearly fifty percent a million dollars to the Biden Victory money alone this cycle.

Allen Blue, vice chairman of product administration at LinkedIn

Total contributions: over $800,000Biggest check: $213,000 to Biden success Fund

Blue is an additional LinkedIn co-founder that still continues to be at the company. He"s do no secret of his assistance for Democrats, tweeting regularly about Democratic causes and also sharing message from Joe Biden himself. In enhancement to his donation to the Biden success Fund, Blue has also thrown an ext than $160,000 into DigiDems, an organization that embeds tech, digital and also data experts in campaigns.

Kevin Scott, chief modern technology officer of Microsoft

Total contributions: end $675,000Biggest check: $106,500 come DNC solutions Corp.

Scott came to be Microsoft"s CTO in 2017, after climbing up the ranking at LinkedIn. The was also one that Google"s at an early stage employees, involvement that firm in 2003. He and his wife, Shannon Hunt-Scott, space philanthropists, who, with their foundation, ago causes regarded education, ladies in STEM, and also hunger, amongst other things. Both Kevin and also Shannon have actually donated come Democratic causes this cycle, including DigiDems, and have spent more than $50,000 sustaining Biden and his connected committees. Their biggest check, a an ext than $100,000 donation come the DNC, to be made under Shannon"s surname on instead of of the foundation.

Brad Smith, chairman of Microsoft

Total contributions: over $219,000 greatest check: $125,000 to Senate bulk PAC

As president of Microsoft, smith is may be the company"s many visible executive various other than CEO Satya Nadella. But he"s been much more willing to placed his cash behind a candidate this election cycle than either Nadella or Microsoft founder Bill gates have been. Critical summer, Smith and also his wife, Kathy Surace-Smith, co-hosted a fundraiser because that Biden in Medina, Washington. Yet he is likewise one that the only tech executives on ours list that donates in a bipartisan way. While the majority of Smith"s donations have benefited Democrats, he"s made numerous contributions to republic this cycle, including a $15,000 donation come the nationwide Republican congressional Committee.


Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer

Total contributions: over $440,000Biggest check: $100,000 to women Vote!

Sandberg, who operated for the room of Treasury under chairman Clinton, has actually been a reliable autonomous donor for years. In 2016, she put more than $416,000 right into the Hillary victory Fund. Yet that was before Facebook uncovered itself under constant attack through the sit Republican president. Now, Sandberg"s technique is decidedly much more cautious. This cycle, Sandberg hasn"t made any contributions directly to Biden"s campaign or the Biden success Fund. Instead, the "Lean In" writer has pumped the mass of she donations right into Women Vote!, a super PAC focused on females voters that"s affiliated v the gradual organization Emily"s List.

David Fischer, chef revenue officer

Total contributions: end $189,000Biggest check: $50,000 to tech for Campaigns

A 10-year veteran that Facebook, Fischer come up through Treasury v Sandberg, later worked with she at Google, and also now heads up Facebook"s advertising and marketing work. This cycle, he"s donate Democrats up and also down the ballot, however his biggest contribution has been to tech for Campaigns, an organization that recruits tech volunteers to construct digital tools for campaigns. Fischer has likewise donated come Mind the Gap, a PAC donate by various other marquee names in tech, consisting of investor Ron Conway and Google"s chef legal officer, Kent Walker. The stealthy group has reportedly functioned hard to store the recipients of its donations secret.

Naomi Gleit, vice chairman of product and also social impact

Total contributions: over $116,000Biggest checks: $50,000 come Nancy Pelosi win Fund and also $50,000 to technology for Campaigns

Gleit has worked at Facebook due to the fact that 2005, do her among the company"s longest-serving employees. In previous elections, Gleit has actually predominantly added to Facebook"s PAC, but because 2019, she"s been throwing an ext money behind Democrats, including home Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Kamala Harris" presidential campaign.

Elliot Schrage, former vice chairman of communications and public policy

Total contributions: over $60,000Biggest check: $50,000 to technology for Campaigns

Schrage served as Facebook"s optimal public policy and communications executive, management through some of the company"s most challenging years. He to be the one that took the fall when facebook hired an exterior PR firm the was later on accused of running a smear campaign versus Facebook"s critics, and he"s to be a frequent fixture sit behind facebook executives together they testify before Congress. As of last year, Schrage was still working at Facebook, yet is now self-employed, follow to FEC records. According to those records, Schrage donated come Biden"s campaign after the left the company.


(Disclosure: Reporter Issie Lapowsky is married come an Amazon employee.)

David Zapolsky, basic counsel

Total contributions: over $590,000Biggest check: $250,000 to Biden win Fund

Zapolsky do headlines previously this year once an interior memo leaked, in which he dubbed a fired Amazon warehouse worker, kris Smalls, "not clever or articulate." Smalls to be fired after staging a walkout over problems at the company"s Staten Island warehouse. Zapolsky, who has worked at Amazon for more than 2 decades, has actually been donating to autonomous presidential candidates since John Kerry"s 2004 race. Critical fall, he and his wife, Lynn Hubbard, held a fundraiser for Biden at your home.

Steven Kessel, freshly departed senior vice president

Total contributions: end $305,000Biggest check: $100,000 come DNC Services. Corp.

Earlier this year, Kessell stepped under from Amazon after two decades at the company, during which that led Amazon"s brick-and-mortar sleeve work. In an email to employee announcing his departure, Kessel claimed he planned to "focus on neighborhood service, not for profit work, and other locations of interest." prior to he left, the donated to the DNC, but since retiring, Kessell has actually written checks straight to Biden and the Biden win Fund.

Gianna Puerini, former vice president of Amazon Go

Total contributions: over $126,000Biggest check: $89,500 come DNC services Corp.

Another longstanding Amazon veteran, Puerini headed up Amazon"s grocery keep chain, Amazon Go. Though she sustained both the Obama and Clinton presidential projects in 2012 and 2016, respectively, she has yet come donate directly to Biden, instead, funneling the bulk of her donations come the DNC.

Babak Parviz, vice president

Total contributions: end $59,000Biggest check: $50,000 Biden win Fund

Parviz is finest known because that founding and also leading Google X, the find giant"s "moonshot" factory, which occurred Google Glass under Parviz"s watch. Yet in 2014, the jumped ship and also joined Amazon to work-related on one more Google X-type research team. This year, the stepped up his political donations contrasted to previous cycles, putting $50,000 into the Biden success Fund.


Douglas Vetter, vice president and associate general counsel

Total contributions: over $208,000Biggest check: $150,000 come Trump win Fund

Vetter is the only Donald Trump supporter on the list. A trustworthy Republican donor, he"s added to every Republican presidential nominee since George W. Bush"s 2004 reelection. Back then, Vetter was functioning at IBM. Today, he"s one of Apple"s height lawyers and also one the the tech industry"s top Trump donors. In addition to his $150,000 inspect to the Trump success Fund, Vetter has contributed to Republican candidates under the ballot, consisting of Sen. Joni Ernst, who"s in a competitive race in Iowa.

Ari Weinstein, software engineering manager

Total contributions: end $47,000Biggest check: $20,000 The human being PAC

Weinstein is a software engineering manager at Apple, and also the previous CEO of WorkflowHQ, a productivity app Apple got in 2017. Long before he offered his company, Weinstein donated little amounts to democracy while he to be (according to his LinkedIn profile) quiet in school. Due to the fact that selling Workflow, though, Weinstein has stepped up his contributions, donating $30,000 this cycle to The world PAC, a nationwide organization that raises money because that down-ballot Democrats.

Alexei Kosut, engineer

Total contributions: end $35,000Biggest check: $2,800 for many down-ballot candidates and also Biden

Kosut lists himself as an engineer in FEC filings, and also patent records show he"s filed a variety of patents because that Apple that need to do v charging capabilities. This cycle, Kosut has actually donated $2,800, the maximum permitted by individuals, to practically a dozen Democrats, consisting of Biden, and has made smaller sized contributions come hundreds more.

Sally Cole, director of employee communications

Total contributions: over $33,000Biggest check: $10,000 Kitchen Table Conversations PAC

Cole arrived at Apple by way of Google in 2012, coming to be the smartphone giant"s director of employee communications. Cole has actually donated little amounts come the Biden campaign and joint fundraising committee, however her largest check went to Kitchen Table Conversations, a PAC the spent more than $2 million boosting Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.


Eric Schmidt, technological adviser and former Google CEO

Total contributions: much more than $3.8 millionBiggest check: $1,006,375 come Future front PAC

Schmidt stepped down from Alphabet"s board in 2019, but, together of this summer, he to be still listing himself as a technical adviser come Alphabet in FEC filings. The is component of a tiny but growing number of Democratic megadonors native the tech industry. He and his wife, Wendy Schmidt, have spent almost $4 million this cycle on Democrats. Schmidt has actually written $10,000 check to state autonomous parties throughout the country. That"s in addition to his work resources Democratic technology in the for-profit world. With OneOne Ventures, one off-shoot the Schmidt Futures, Schmidt has actually reportedly funded 20 various political startups.

Jacob Helberg, freshly departed policy adviser

Total contributions: over $1.23 millionBiggest check: $250,000 to unite the Country, complete of end $700,000 to Biden Victory money (made after departing Google)

Helberg was, till February, among Google"s plan advisers, focused on news products. Now, that serves together a an elderly adviser to Stanford"s Cyber plan Center. Last year, Helberg and his husband, PayPal investor (and provided conservative) Keith Rabois, co-hosted a fundraiser for Pete Buttigieg"s presidential major campaign. When Buttigieg ended his campaign, Helberg mutual a series of picture of himself and also the candidate top top Twitter, phone call Buttigieg"s project "more joyful, hopeful inspiring than any kind of I can remember." however he has due to the fact that contributed significantly to unite the Country, a PAC that"s spent an ext than $28 million to assistance Biden and also oppose Trump, and an ext than $700,000 to the Biden win Fund.

Daniel Doctoroff, CEO the Sidewalk Labs, which is own by Alphabet

Total contributions: more than $85,000Biggest check: $28,000 to residence Victory project 2020

Before he started the smart cities agency Sidewalk Labs, Doctoroff to be CEO of Bloomberg and served under the company"s eponymous founder as deputy market of new York City. But before Bloomberg announced his own short-lived candidacy critical fall, Doctoroff contributed tiny amounts come the projects of both Sen. Booker and Sen. Elizabeth Warren. This cycle, he has funneled most of his contribute to a share fundraising committee the funds autonomous House races.

Jason Spero, vice chairman of power media

Total contributions: much more than $77,000Biggest check: $15,000 come DNC services Corp.

Spero has actually spent a decade at Google, building out the mobile and advertising business. In enhancement to maxing out his individual donation to the Biden campaign, he"s donate tech-friendly groups like DigiDems and also Tech for Campaigns, both of which aid down-ballot gradual candidates build tech tools.

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Update: This story to be updated November 2 in ~ 5:49 afternoon ET come include additional contributions native Jacob Helberg that weren"t initially had in the FEC"s database.


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