Both are good American newspapers, both experience from the proclaiming slump and from the transition to digital. Yet the NYT"s paywall strategy is making a substantial difference

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Translated into a table:

Q1-2007 Q1-2013 adjust % Revenue (All):....$219m.....$127m.....-42% print Ad:.........$125m.....$49m......-61% Digital Ad:.......$25m......$26m......+4% A huge depletion in print advertising, a flat line (at best) for digital advertising, the elements sum increase the equation confronted by timeless newspapers walk from print to online.

Now, let"s look in ~ the circulation side utilizing a comparison v the brand-new York Times. (Note that it"s not possible to extract the same numbers for advertising from the NYT Co"s financial statements since they aggregate too countless items.) The chart below shows the advancement of the payment circulation for the short article between 2007 and 2013:


..and for the NY Times:


Call it the paywall effect: The brand-new York Times currently aggregates both print and also digital circulations. The latter now amounts to 676,000 digital subscribers that have actually been recruited utilizing the NYT"s metered device (see vault Monday notes under the "paywall" tag). (Altogether, digital subscribers come the NYT, the worldwide Herald and the Boston globe now number 708,000). It seems the NYT found the right formula: the digital subscribers portfolio grows at a 45% per year rate, thanks to a combination of advanced marketing, mining client data and aggressive pricing (it even pushes special deals for Mother"s Day.) every this adds to the bottom line: if each digital below brings $12 a month, the result is around $100m the didn"t exist two years ago. But it does not advantage the declaring side as it proceeds to suffer. For the an initial quarter of 2013 v the same period last year, the NYT firm lost 13% in publish ads revenue and also 4% because that digital ads. (As usual in their earning calls, NYT officials cite the deflationary effects of advertisement exchanges as one cause of erosion in digital ads.)

One added sign the digital heralding will stay in the doldrums: Politico, too, is exploring alternatives; it will be trial and error a paywall in a sample of 6 states and for that is readers exterior the unified States. The system will be similar to the or the, v a fixed number of articles obtainable for free.

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Claims Politico"s monitoring in a memo:

It is increasingly clear the readers are much more willing than we as soon as thought to pay for contents they value and enjoy. With much more than 300 media companies now charging for digital content in the US, the notion of paying to read expensive-to-produce journalism is no longer that exotic for innovative consumers.