If you’re in search of a smartphone best now, girlfriend couldn’t have picked a more confusing time. The iphone 7 is here, however the iphone 8 and also Samsung Galaxy S8 will be around later this year.However, if you next to gain a smartphone now and also you’re not necessarily after the ideal smartphones around, the iphone 7 and also Samsung S7 room both an excellent choices. And also because they were released approximately a year ago, you can pick them up on some good deals, too.

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In the very same way, the Samsung Galaxy S7 looks much like the Samsung Galaxy S6 prior to it. Special a large screen that seems to take up the entire front that the phone, and a smooth glass back, the Samsung oozes style and sophistication – and comes in a range of color too. There’s Black, Gold, White, Silver and also of course rose Gold – and all work-related well v the glossy end up that consist of the handset.

Verdict:Looks room subjective, but for me personally the iphone phone 7 wins by a mile. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a good-looking device, featuring clean lines and also a great number the finishes, but for somereasonit doesn’t have the very same “object the desire” feel as something such as the iphone phone 7 Jet Black.

iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs


The iphone 7 uses a 4.7in LED-backlit IPS LCD screen, capable of displaying 16 million color in total. Similar to the iphone phone 6s prior to it, the screen uses 3D Touch, keeping the resolution the 750 x 1,334 v a pixel density of 326ppi. However, this time around, the iphone phone 7 screen is 25% brighter and has a broader colour gamut than before. The result? The iphone 7 screen should look much more colourful and vibrant.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 uses a 5.1in supervisor AMOLED touchscreen, and it’s among the ideal displays girlfriend can gain on any smartphone right now. Super AMOLED an innovation can do blacks blacker and also other colours an ext vibrant, and when you incorporate that with the S7’s vast 1,440 x 2,560 resolution and also 577ppi pixel density, the end an outcome is just amazing.


Verdict:The Samsung Galaxy S7 is fast, yet the iphone 7 supplies the A10 combination processor, which is report to it is in the fastest smartphone processor ever made. In fact, Geekbench results published the exact same week together the iphone phone 7 launch imply the iphone 7 to add is much faster than the current iPad Pro. The iphone phone 7 has actually 1GB the RAM much less than the iphone phone 7 Plus, but it shouldn’t it is in too much behind in performance terms.

Battery life

The Samsung Galaxy S7 package in a large 3,000mAh battery, i beg your pardon the company’s stats case is great for 22 hours of speak time, and also 62 hrs of music playing. In contrast, apologize reckons that the iphone 7 will provide you 14 hrs of talk time, and just 40 hrs of music.In ours tests, the Samsung Galaxy S7 completed 18 hours of battery life, if the iphone phone 7 it is long for roughly just 13 hours prior to needing a charge.

Verdict:Samsung Galaxy S7. An additional year, an additional Apple phone eclipsed by the Samsung Galaxy’s battery life.


iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7: storage andPrice


The iphone 7 comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB sports this time, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with just 32GB. Yet unlike the iphone phone 7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 comes through a microSD slot, for this reason its memory have the right to be boosted all the method up to 256GB if needed.

Verdict:The iphone phone 7 gives you a selection of choices when it pertains to storage, and on very first glance, the S7’s paltry 32GB warehouse looks like a large oversight. However, Samsung’s decision to litter in a microSD slot deserve to offer good value if you recognize where come look – 128GB microSD cards and be picked up because that as little as £25.

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A SIM-free 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 will expense you £569, while a 32GB iphone phone 7 prices £30 an ext and starts in ~ £599.