Known as the initial app-based cable replacement service, Sling TV lets subscribers present live television and on-demand content over the internet. The service includes more than 50 live channels, which vary depending upon which package you choose.

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YouTube TV uses live TV, on-demand video, and also cloud-based DVR from more than 85 tv networks, consisting of the large Four transfer networks. You likewise have the choice to add a selection of premium channels.

Both Sling TV and also YouTube TV sell an outstanding lineup of live channels, which expectations news, sports, entertainment, and also more. Sling TV appears to have an ext variety once it involves add-ons, yet YouTube TV"s countless DVR storage and larger straightforward channel parcel may provide it the edge. Therefore which service is better for you?

Sling TV vs. YouTube TV: Prices and also features

If price is a major concern for you, Sling TV is the an ext affordable option, no matter which channel package you choose. The Sling Orange arrangement costs $35 and also features 32 live channels, consisting of ESPN, CNN, BBC America, and also AMC.

Sling Blue also costs $35 per month yet includes 47 live channels, consisting of BET, Bravo, and Cartoon Network. When the Blue doesn"t necessarily encompass every Orange channel by default, the is a multi-stream service. You additionally have the choice to subscribe to both the Orange and also Blue packages for a joint fee of $50 every month.

In addition to that is Orange and Blue plans, Sling TV supplies the sporting activities Extra, which is obtainable now because that $11 per month to brand-new customers through a subscription to one of two people Sling Orange or Sling Blue. Brand-new customers that subscribe come both the Orange and Blue plans can include the sporting activities Extra for $15. Various other Extras offered by Sling TV for second $6 per month space the Comedy Extra, kids Extra, News Extra, way of living Extra, Hollywood Extra, and also Heartland Extra.

Customers who want accessibility to every the content they can acquire their hand on have the right to opt because that The full TV Deal, which costs $21 every month for subscribers of one of two people the Orange or Blue plan. The bundle offers customers accessibility to DVR Plus, as well as all 7 Sling TV Extras. Sling TV also offers non-U.S. Concentrated bundles, Sling global or Sling Latino, for $10 per month each.

Sling TV OrangeSling TV BlueSling TV Orange+BlueYouTube TV
HD streaming (select content)✔️✔️✔️✔️
4K streaming
Concurrent streams1343
Profile border per account1116

In comparison, YouTube TV offers simply one arrangement for $64.99 per month, consisting of 85 broadcast and cable networks and unlimited Cloud DVR. YouTube TV likewise offers a range of premium channel add-ons, which deserve to be had in your monthly subscription because that an added fee. Among the premium channels available are EPIX because that $6/month, IFC Films endless for $6/month, AMC+ for $7/month, and HBO Max for $15/month.

YouTube TV subscribers that love sporting activities can additionally choose the sports Plus premium add-on, i m sorry costs an additional $10.99 every month. If you"re more interested in popular music culture, YouTube TV likewise offers the Entertainment plus bundle because that $29.99 a month, consisting of HBO Max, Showtime, and also STARZ, and saves you about $5.

Concerning streaming quality, a majority of the channels readily available on Sling TV are easily accessible in HD. However, the business doesn"t right now offer 4K streaming. Playback in HD is likewise unavailable for YouTube TV streaming on a internet browser, other than for Safari. The platform does sell some titles in high definition (HD) or 4K Ultra High meaning (UHD) that can be viewed on gadgets with HD or 4K capabilities.

Sling TV vs. YouTube TV: Profiles and parental controls

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It"s precious noting Sling TV doesn"t have actually the choice to produce separate profiles within the very same account and only allows you to stream one channel on one maker simultaneously under the Orange subscription. If you i ordered it to the Blue plan, you can stream top top three devices simultaneously, while the Orange + Blue share plan enables you come stream on up to four gadgets simultaneously. Meanwhile, YouTube TV enables up to six accounts every household and also three coincided streams on different devices.

Both services also offer the alternative to include parental controls, which will block specific content from younger viewers ~ above the account. As soon as the parental controls have been collection up, viewers will certainly be inquiry to go into a passcode come select more mature content.

Sling TV vs. YouTube TV: Channels and content

As mentioned above, both Sling TV and also YouTube TV market a robust selection of live channels, spanning everything from sports and news come kid-friendly content and reality-based guilty pleasures.

Those interested in subscribing to Sling TV should think about that the channel choice on Sling Orange leans more toward sports and family-friendly content, including all things ESPN and also Disney Channel favorite like large City Greens and also Raven"s Home.

Meanwhile, Sling Blue skews an ext in the direction the news and also entertainment. That method you"ll discover the best in truth television indigenous E!, Bravo, and Food Network, among other channels. If friend have human being in your family that enjoy both the MLB and the genuine Housewives franchise, you could want to think about subscribing come both channel packages.

Sling TV"s sports lineup, Sling Orange, includes ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, TBS, and TNT. Meanwhile, Sling Blue add to the NFL Network. The Sling sporting activities Extra contains ESPNU, ESPNEWS, SEC network, NHL network, NBA TV, outside TV, and soccer on beIN sports if you desire even an ext action.

PlatformSling TVYouTube TV
AirTV Players✔️✔️
Android phones/tablets✔️✔️
Android TV✔️✔️
Google Nest✔️✔️
iOS & iPadOS✔️✔️
Apple TV✔️✔️
Fire tablets✔️✔️
FireTV devices✔️✔️
Xbox One✔️✔️
PlayStation 4✔️
Nintendo Switch✔️
Oculus Go✔️
TiVo present 4K✔️
Smart TVsSamsung smart TVs LG TV Portal TVVizio SmartCast TVs Roku TVs Samsung (select models) LG TV HiSense TVs
Web BrowsersMicrosoft edge Safari home windows 10 Google Chrome Xfinity Flex

You"ll uncover a comparable lineup that live tv on the 85 networks included as component of YouTube TV, consisting of ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, ESPN, HGTV, TNT. However, YouTube TV"s 17 Premium Channel add-ons will likewise ensure girlfriend don"t miss out on the latest from the likes the HBO, STARZ, Showtime, Sundance Now, and also We tv+.

Besides supplying MLB.TV together an add-on for $25 every month, YouTube TV subscribers deserve to opt to salary a one-time fees of $130 because that the entire season. Other sports networks easily accessible as component of YouTube TV"s standard channel package room The large Ten Network, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, The Tennis Channel, the SEC Network, NESN, and the Olympic channel.

Sling TV vs. YouTube TV: Which business should girlfriend pick?

If money isn"t a barrier, YouTube TV is probably the far better option. V a more expansive channel collection even before add-ons, and the perk of can DVR, YouTube TV easily edges the end Sling TV. Specifically, Sling TV only enables up to 50 hours of free DVR storage matches the unlimited cloud DVR consisted of with YouTube TV. Sling TV does, however, offer the choice to upgrade to 200 hours for $5/month.

While Sling TV"s share Orange and Blue channel package is equivalent to YouTube TV"s channel lineup and is cheaper, the still falls quick of YouTube TV"s sporting activities coverage. YouTube TV additionally has an ext options because that premium channel add-ons, where some of the best collection airing right now live.

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If that"s the sort of media that keeps girlfriend entertained, and also you"re worn down of dealing with cable companies, climate you need to sign up because that YouTube TV best now.