Police described video clip of the occurrence which reflects a figure approach the officers' car, before opening fire

Two Los Angeles police officers are recovering in hospital after being shot in what police space calling an ambush.

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Video the the incident shows a figure technique the officers' vehicle, prior to opening fire and running away.

The Los Angeles county Sheriff's Department has announced a $100,000 (£78,000) reward for any type of information causing the gunman's arrest.

Almost 40 united state police officers were killed in the heat of duty in 2020, FBI statistics display - eight the them were victims of one ambush.

Protesters shouted anti-police slogans and blocked the enntrance gate to the emergency room where the two officers were gift treated, police and witnesses said.

Two people were arrested, including a journalist that police claimed tried to interfere v the arrest that the other detainee and did not identify herself together a member that the press.

The reporter, Josie Huang, tweeted she had actually "thoughts and also videos" come share, while she employer, NPR, said they were "appalled" by she arrest.

The officers connected in the shooting have not to be named however were described as a 31-year-old woman and also a 24-year-old man.

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The woman officer was shot in the jaw and also arms and was in a an important but stable condition after undergoing surgery, authorities stated on Sunday. The masculine officer to be hit in the forehead, one arm and also a hand and also was explained as alert, alphabet News reported.

LASDHQ would prefer to market our sincerest appreciation because that the overwhelming assistance being readily available from all over the Nation. We likewise wish to thank
LACountyBOS for sponsoring the $100K reward for the arrest and conviction of this coward.https://t.co/6NJPRJ0r4w pic.twitter.com/w3WxdDNz31

— Alex Villanueva (

"This is simply a sombre reminder that this is a dangerous job. Actions, native have results and our project does not get easier because people don't like law enforcement," Sheriff Villanueva said.

Sharing the clip of the incident, us President Donald Trump, tweeted: "Animals that must be fight hard."

"This cold-blooded shoot is unconscionable and the perpetrator should be lugged to justice," the tweeted. "Violence of any kind of kind is wrong; those that commit it have to be caught and also punished."