If your computer is running slow and also you’re spring to rate it up, in this guide, we’ve outlined a number of potential problems that could be slowing under your computer and also have covered how to solve each one.

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There are numerous reasons why your computer could be to run slow. It might just be the your system is older and also needs to be upgraded or changed altogether. Or, it might be the your computer system is infected with a virus or is loaded through malware. Or, probably your warehouse is in ~ its capacity and also your system is running slower as a result.

Regardless the why your computer system is running slow, a bad performing computer is frustrating and also trying to figure out and solve the problem can be even worse. So, in this guide, we’ve outlined ten factors why your computer might be running slow and how to fix each one.

Table the Contents

1. Her Internet link is Slow

2. You have Too numerous Programs Running

3. You have actually Too countless Browsers Tabs Open

4. Your web browser Has Too countless Extensions/Add-Ons

5. Your computer Has A Virus or Malware

6. Your Laptop is set to operation in Low strength Mode

7. Your Laptop is Overheating

8. Friend Don’t Have enough Memory

9. Your computer system is also Old

1. Your Internet connection is Slow

Most that the tasks/activities the people bring out top top their computers these days are primarily online. Internet browsing, virtual gaming, sending out emails, watching/streaming videos, etc. If you have a slow net connection, doing any of those activities provided above is walking to feeling a lot of slower 보다 if you had actually a fast internet connection.

And, numerous users blame their computer systems for what is really the error of their slow internet connection.

To phone call if your internet link is the factor why it feels prefer your computer is running slow, walk watch part videos ~ above YouTube and also browse the internet. After ~ you carry out that, try running part programs (Word Processor, Excel, or any kind of other software program you have) the don’t rely on one internet connection or just browse roughly the documents of her computer.

If your computer system is especially slower once you are doing activities that call for online access, yet not slow when you room doing tasks that don’t call for the internet, climate it is very possible that it’s your internet connection that is the problem.

*NOTE: If it’s clear the your computer system runs slow only when doing activities on the internet—it could additionally be the you have malware on your system, as well many internet browser tabs open, or too many extensions/add-ons mounted on her browser. So, before you spend extra money on upgrading your web connection, very first make certain that the trouble is not regarded those 2 issues.

How to resolve It: You most likely Need A quicker Internet Connection

This one, the course, is a no-brainer. If a slow-moving internet connection is the source of her problem, the only way to solve it is to upgrade your net service.

Although, if you’re relying top top a wireless connection, it might be that your internet link is slow because you aren’t getting a great enough signal indigenous the router. So, if you room using a wireless connection, before you walk out and upgrade your net connection, very first try moving your computer around to check out if it is merely the Wi-Fi link that is giving you problems.

What web Speed need to You Get?

Most that the large cable carriers don’t also offer internet packages the come with much less than 25-50Mbps download speeds. But, if you’re making use of a smaller provider and also you have a link of less than 10Mbps, you’ll desire to update it.

In reality, a 10Mbps link is more than likely fine for casual usage in a small household. But, provided that large companies prefer AT&T and also Charter/Comcast market 100Mbps plan at fairly affordable rates, I’d to speak shoot because that a 100Mbps package—especially if you are really frustrated with your current connection speeds.

There’s nothing worse than having actually a sluggish internet link and, likewise, there’s nothing much more satisfying than upgrading indigenous a slow connection to an exceptionally fast connection. You might live to take it the quicker internet connection for granted—but that will never stop treating you well.

2. You have Too countless Programs Running

One usual problem that can result in a slow-running computer, is having too many programs to run at the very same time. You can not also know that you have a bunch of program running—they might all be to run in the background.

And, also if you have rebooted your computer, that doesn’t necessarily typical that those programs have stopped running. If they are permitted to run at startup, as soon as you reboot her computer, they will just pop right back up.

How to solve It: close Unused Program, Delete programs You Don’t Use, & Disable program from Launching at Startup

Closing programs you’re not at this time using, deleting program you no much longer use, and also removing programs from launching at startup that you don’t actually should launch at startup might aid you rate up her computer. Here’s how to do each one:

Close Unused ProgramsPress Ctrl+Alt+DeleteChoose task ManagerSort through the perform of Apps and also Background procedures that show upFind programs that space using up far-reaching amounts of memory, however that friend aren’t actually usingClick top top them and also hit the ‘End task’ buttonDelete programs You Don’t usage AnymoreType ‘remove program’ into the home windows search bar and hit enterGo come ‘Sory by’ and also choose ‘Size’ to kind by the greatest programsHighlight the regimen you no longer use and also hit ‘Uninstall’Repeat for all programs you don’t use anymoreDisable programs from Launching in ~ StartupPress Ctrl+Alt+DeleteChoose job ManagerSwitch to the ‘Startup’ tabClick on any type of program the is ‘Enabled’ the you don’t have to launch in ~ startup, and also hit ‘Disable’

3. You have actually Too Many internet browser Tabs Open

Google’s Chrome web browser is by far the most famous web browser. However, it is well known for gift a resource hog that have the right to cripple her computer’s performance. The much more tabs open up you have in Chrome, the much more memory the uses. Other net browsers have the right to have the same result (although, not normally as negative as Chrome).

How to deal with It: close Unused Tabs!

To settle this problem, merely close every one of the internet browser tabs you aren’t using.

4. Your web browser Has Too many Extensions/Add-Ons

Just as having too many browser tabs open up at the very same time can slow your computer down, so, too, deserve to having as well many internet browser extensions/add-ons. Some internet browser extensions and add-ons deserve to be helpful, when others space no much better than malware or spyware. So, that is ideal to remove any browser expansions that friend don’t certain need.

How to solve It: Remove any Unnecessary browser Extensions/Add-ons

This procedure will vary relying on the browser you room using. But, right here are some basic steps the vaguely describe the process:

Go right into your browser’s settingsFind the expansions or Add-ons sectionGo through and also delete any type of extensions or add-ons girlfriend don’t need

5. Your computer system Has A Virus or Malware

Another common reason why your computer might be running slower than it should be is the it has actually a virus on it or loads of malware/spyware. Viruses, malware, and spyware can hog device resources, i beg your pardon will result in a slow-performing computer.

How to resolve It: download an Antivirus regime or get rid of the difficulty Manually

If your computer is running slower than normal and also you don’t already have one antivirus routine installed, you’ll desire to download one and also scan your device to check and see if there are any kind of viruses or malware that is bring about your problem.

Bitdefender is widely considered to it is in the finest antivirus program. You can shot Malwarebytes because that a cost-free alternative.

*NOTE: It’s additionally important to keep in mind that friend shouldn’t have much more than one antivirus program set up on your computer system at the same time, as the two programs can problem with each other and cause problems.

6. Her Laptop is set to operation in Low strength Mode

For laptop users, it’s possible that your device is performing poorly since the ‘Power Saver’ mode may have actually been turned on and left there. The ‘Power Saver’ setting is designed to cut earlier on her PC’s performance wherever possible so the it deserve to save as lot battery as possible to avoid the device from dying because of lack the charge.

How to fix It: Switch ago to balanced or High performance Mode

To check and also see if her laptop is running in low power mode and to adjust it into well balanced or high power mode, follow these instructions:

Type control panel into your windows search bar and also hit enterIn the regulate Panel, choose ‘Hardware and also Sound’In the Hardware and Sound menu, select ‘Power Options’In power options, make sure either ‘Balanced’ or ‘High performance’ room selected

7. Your Laptop is Overheating

Another reason why laptop users can be seeing sudden performance loss in their system is because of overheating. If your laptop hasn’t been cleaned in awhile and it’s not getting enough airflow, the components inside of your device will start to obtain hotter. Because that a component favor your processor, in ~ a details temperature, that will begin to throttle—which means that that will start operating more slowly—and that will an outcome in performance loss.

How to settle It: store Your Laptop running Cool

There are a couple of ways the you have the right to lower your CPU temps and keep her laptop indigenous overheating. They are:

Only usage your laptop on difficult solid surfaces so air deserve to travel under itClean the end your laptop’s ventsGet a laptop coolerAvoid using it if plugged in when possible

*NOTE: some gaming laptop computers don’t operation at complete power once not plugged in. So, unfortunately, if you have actually a gaming laptop that requirements to it is in plugged in in stimulate to run at complete performance, running it while no plugged in isn’t a good option.

8. You Don’t Have enough Memory

Not having enough memory can cause your computer system to slow down to unbearable levels. Your computer system uses lamb (random accessibility memory) to store crucial files and data for the programs that your computer system is at this time running. Your CPU can access RAM to grab that info and also data very quickly. However, if friend don’t have enough RAM because that the kind of tasks and also programs you’re trying to operation on her computer, her CPU will have to pull that data straight from your difficult drive, i beg your pardon takes a lot much longer to do than pulling it from her RAM. This results in a significantl lose in performance.

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How to solve It: Add much more Memory

Adding an ext memory to your computer is a nice straightforward process that won’t cost you a significant amount that money.

Before you purchase more RAM for her computer, though, it’s important that you note that not all RAM will be compatible through your computer. Inspect out this video for a overview on how to update your ram correctly: