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Concetta Tomei Biography

Concetta Tomei is an American theatre, film, and television character actress who was born and brought increase in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United says of America. She is famously known for her roles as significant Lila Garreau on the ABC collection China Beach that aired for 4 seasons, native 1988 till 1991. She is additionally known for her duty as Lynda Hansen on the NBC collection Providence (1999 till 2002). She is not concerned Marisa Tomei.

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Concetta Tomei Age

Concetta is 75 year old as of 2020, she was born on December 30, 1945, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, United claims of America. She celebrates her birthday on December 30, every year and also her birth authorize is Capricorn. Concetta will certainly be turning 76 year old on December 30, 2021.

Concetta Tomei Height

Concetta stands in ~ a height of 5 feet 4 inch (164 meters). However, details about her other body dimensions are currently not publicly available. Us will update this section when the details is available.

Concetta Tomei Weight 

Concetta Weighs 54 kilograms (120 pounds). recognized for her beautiful smile and charming personality, Tomei has brown eyes and also her hair color is blond. Her gorgeous eye color is one of her many striking features.

Concetta Tomei Education

Concetta is a extremely educated and qualified person. She was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She deserve a degree in education from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and worked four years as a teacher prior to deciding to go after her love that theatre in ~ the Goodman institution of Drama in ~ the Art institute of Chicago (now in ~ DePaul University).

She earn a BFA and moved to Houston, Texas, wherein she functioned for the Alley Theatre for two years before moving to new York City. In the Milwaukee area, she studied at Sunset Playhouse through Alan Furlan.

Concetta Tomei Family

Concetta to be born and also raised by her parents in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our efforts to find out an ext about her family involved no avail as no such info is publicly available. Thus, the identity of Concetta’s parents is tho unclear. That is likewise not known if she has any kind of siblings. Us will upgrade this section once this details is available.

Concetta Tomei Husband

Concetta is happy married to her lovely and loyal husband Norman Mottar Jr., an attorney, and also businessman. The couple tied the node in 1995. Castle reside in Los Angeles.

Concetta Tomei Children

As of now, over there isn’t any type of documented report on the public records around Concetta and also her spouse Norman Mottar Jr. Having kids. Nevertheless, this information is currently under review and will be updated when we get it indigenous a credible source.

Concetta Tomei net Worth

Concetta has actually an approximated net precious of $1.7 million dollars together of 2021. This has her assets, money, and also income. Her primary resource of revenue is her career together an Actress. V her miscellaneous sources that income, she has actually been able come accumulate an excellent fortune however prefers to lead a usual lifestyle.

Concetta Tomei Measurements and also Facts

Here space some exciting facts and body dimensions you need to know about Concetta.

Concetta Tomei Wiki

American theatre, film, and television personality actress-Concetta Tomei Photo.Full Names: Concetta Tomei.Popular As: Concetta Tomei.Gender: Female.Occupation / Profession: Actress.Nationality: American.Race / Ethnicity: White.Religion: Christian.Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Concetta Tomei Birthday

Age / how Old?: 75 years Old.Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.Date of Birth: December 30, 1945.Place that Birth: Kenosha, Wisconsin.Birthday: December 30th.

Concetta Tomei body Measurements

Body Measurements: Pending Update.Height / exactly how Tall?: 5 feet 4 customs (164 meters).Weight: 54 kilograms (120 pounds).Eye Color: Brown.Hair Color: Blonde.Shoe Size: Pending Update.Dress Size: Pending Update.Breast Size:‎ Pending Update.Waist Size: Pending Update.Hip Size: Pending Update.

Concetta Tomei Family and also Relationship

Father (Dad): Pending Update.Mother: Pending Update.Siblings (Brothers and also Sisters): Pending Update.Marital Status: Married.Husband/Spouse: Norman Mottar Jr.Dating / Boyfriend: no applicable.Children: Pending Update.

Concetta Tomei Networth and Salary

Net Worth: $1.7 million dollars as of 2021.Salary: Pending Update.Source the Income: Acting.Concetta Tomei Career

Concetta Tomei Star Trek

Concetta play guest roles on the TV display Star Trek: Voyagers a science fiction television series created by stack Berman, Michael Piller, and also Jeri Taylor. The display originally aired native January 1995 through might 2001 ~ above UPN, lasting for 172 illustration over 7 seasons.

The fifth collection in the Star Trek franchise offered as the 4th sequel to Star Trek: The initial Series. That was collection in the 24th century when earth is component of a unified Federation the Planets. The display is based on the adventures of the Starfleet courage USS Voyager together it attempts come return house after being stranded in the Delta Quadrant on the much side the the Milky method galaxy.

Concetta Tomei Movies and also TV Shows

Concetta featured in the original cast of several pioneering Off-Broadway productions, consisting of Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine and Larry Kramer’s The normal Heart. She appeared opposite Kevin Kline in the brand-new York Shakespeare Festival’s Richard III (winning new York’s Bayfield shak spa award for her performance) and also starred v David Bowie in the Broadway manufacturing of The Elephant Man, proceeding in the national tour.

Concetta relocated to California in the 1980s and featured in many local theatres, consisting of Los Angeles’ note Taper Forum, the Oregon modern Theatre, and San Francisco’s ACT. She was a regular actors member in the TV series China Beach, i m sorry ran from 1988 till 1991.

Concetta was additionally in the actors of the short-lived “Madman of the People” (1994 till 95). She featured in recurring duties in a variety of TV series, including L.A. Law, Falcon Crest, Picket Fences, Max Headroom, and also Judging Amy. She likewise featured in the movies Murder in 3 Acts (1986), The Betty Ford Story (1987), and also In Love and War (1987).

Concetta guest featured in Season 3 episode 10 of the TV sitcom Wings title “The late Mrs. Biggins,” and Season 5 episode 21, title “Roy Crazy”; in 1991 & 1994, in both episodes, she play the former wife of Roy Biggins. She additionally had the duty of mommy in the cult movie Don’t Tell mother the Babysitter’s Dead in 1991. She starred in the 1992 miniseries The burden of Proof.

Concetta guest featured in an illustration of The King of queens in 2005. One year later, in 2006, she went ago to Off-Broadway with an acclaimed performance in sarah Ruhl’s The Clean House. She appeared opposite Kevin Kline and also Jennifer Garner in a Broadway production of the pat Cyrano de Bergerac in 2007 i beg your pardon was likewise recorded and also broadcast on PBS’s good Performances in 2009.

Concetta played guest functions on TV shows, such as 7th Heaven, touched by one Angel, 2nd Time Around, The King of Queens, Weeds, Numb3rs, Kitchen Confidential, The Closer, Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Nip/Tuck, Rubicon, necessary Roughness, and also Star Trek: Voyager native 1997-2011. She featured in an episode of The Mick titled “The Grandparents”, together Tippy Pemberton, the twisted, abusive grandm of Sabrina, Chip, and also Ben in 2017.

Concetta Tomei House and Cars

Place that living: Los Angeles.Cars: car brand to it is in updated.Frequently inquiry Questions around Concetta Tomei

Who is Concetta Tomei? 

Concetta is one American theatre, film, and television personality actress who was born and brought increase in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She is famously known for her duties as significant Lila Garreau on the ABC collection China Beach that aired for four seasons, native 1988 till 1991.

How old is Concetta Tomei? 

Concetta is one American nationwide born top top December 30, 1945, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

How tall is Concetta Tomei? 

Concetta stands at a elevation of 5 feet 4 customs (164 meters).

Is Concetta Tomei married? 

Yes, Concetta is married to Norman Mottar Jr. Lock reside in Los Angeles and have no children.

How much is Concetta Tomei worth? 

Concetta has a network worth the $1.7 million dollars together of 2021. This amount has been accrued from she leading roles in the entertain industry.

Where walk Concetta Tomei live?

Concetta is a residents of Los Angeles, USA, us shall upload pictures of her house as shortly as we have actually them.

Is Concetta Tomei dead or alive? 

Concetta is alive and also in good health. There have been no reports of her being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Concetta Tomei Now? 

Concetta is tho an energetic participant in the an innovative entertainment industry, in 2017, she appeared in an episode of The Mick titled “The Grandparents”, together Tippy Pemberton, the twisted, abusive grandmother of Sabrina, Chip, and also Ben.

Tomei Contacts

Instagram: Pending Update.Twitter: Pending Update.Facebook: Pending Update.Youtube: Pending Update.Tiktok: Pending Update.Website: Pending Update.

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