The object of the day started out together a question; deserve to you download a vinyl liner into a concrete pool? Yes, girlfriend can, and also I’ve excellent it before, top top a concrete swimming pool from the 1950’s.

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Perched top top a steep hillside, the swimming pool was crumbing and cracking, and also would sooner or later soon need replacement. While conserving for a swimming pool replacement, a cash strapped homeowner asked me if I could stop the leaking with an inground vinyl liner?

The swimming pool was around 15×30′ rectangle-shaped with an irregular floor and deep end bowl, and a collection of wedding cake concrete actions in the shallow end corner. Really ns think many pool men would have actually run far away native this job, but I had a skilled curiosity, let’s simply say.

Installing a Vinyl Liner in a Concrete Pool

After carefully measuring the pool, I sent out it the form to mine vinyl fabricator who was made aware that this is a vinyl liner for a concrete pool. Ns was advised to mean some wrinkling or ill-fitting behavior across the floor and steps. Ok, we can address that.

Since mine customer opted to abandon the existing (leaking) plumbing, we connected brand-new pipes running throughout the deep finish deck (under the diving board), and also dropping into the pool. In a few hours we had actually a ‘Lily Pad’ Skimmer and LWS (low water suction) lines on one pipe, and also the pool return top top the other pipe. You could also use the Skim-A-Round skimmer, which floats around.

To install the liner track, ns bought a instance of Quaker plastic liner bead receiver QP-521, and also screwed it come the peak of the pool tile, using lengthy Tapcon screws. Not the many elegant solution, it stuck out prefer a sick thumb, but it would gain the project done.

When the liner arrived, us draped it across the pool, and also locked it into the track. Using a Mighty Vac, we sucked all the air out from behind the liner till the liner to be tight, to mimic the to the right when full of water.

Wrinkles… as promised. We readjusted the fit as much as we could by shutting off the Mighty Vac and also pulling and pushing vinyl in directions far from the little creases or folds in the vinyl. After much exasperating work, we cleared up on 3 large folds running throughout the pool floor, and 3 small folds ~ above the pool action vertical risers. A cinder block pool would be easier, v an even slope, but we had a classic concrete pool floor slopes.

We fill the concrete/vinyl pool v water and also started increase the filter system. The Lily Pad skimmer and LWS was giving a great replacement because that the old skimmer and main drain, and also the return was producing a most circulation.

This concrete pool through a vinyl liner, although no pretty come look at, survived number of seasons, probably 5-7, solving major leaking problems in the pool shell and also pool plumbing.

If ns was to execute it again, (put a liner in a concrete pool), I would use laser measurement of the swimming pool (not accessible in those days), because that a much better fit than the analog dimensions we used. Also I would certainly fasten the track in ~ the peak of the tile, but not over the tile, whereby you have the right to find loosened mortar in ~ the coping stones.


The liner track could also be installed more permanently in a concrete pool, under reset coping stones, or a repoured swimming pool deck. Pick the C-face coping because that a poured concrete deck, or put the horizontal monitor under the mortar bed of the reset or replaced coping stones. There is also a lumber deck coping available by Cardinal Systems.

Installing a vinyl liner in a concrete or fiberglass pool have the right to be done. In this instance we abandoned the old plumbing and ran pipes throughout the deck. We could’ve placed the tube underground, or installed brand-new (vinyl) skimmers, drains and also returns, but that’d tripled the price of the project.

To transform concrete skimmers, main drains and also returns to vinyl skimmers, vinyl drains and vinyl returns, you have to literally cut the entire thing out, and replace through a specific vinyl liner fittings which offers gaskets and screws to secure a waterproof faceplate. We determined to lay new pipes throughout the deck, under the diving board, yet you could additionally drill holes through the wall, and also install new (vinyl) suction and also return plumbing underground.

If you desire to talk about putting an inground vinyl liner in a poured concrete pool, gunite swimming pool or cinder block pool, offer us a call, or download this measurement form for printing. Us can aid you with measurements and supplies like wall foam, liner monitor and liner lock.



Nancy Backur on august 25, 2020 at 9:18 afternoon said:
Susan difficult on June 27, 2020 in ~ 4:46 pm said:

Is over there a trick or perform you have any type of tips to remove a liner the was placed over a concrete pool? Without acquisition the water out. Deserve to we just reduced it in strips?We are on well water in a countryside area for this reason one truck of water is over a grand and the pool is an irregular tradition 15 x 44. The liner wrinkles so bad, especially as there are 1/2 moon steps and also a sitting/ was standing ‘shelf’ or pathway around the pool. The firm that placed the liner in closeup of the door up but I talked with the save owner critical year before he retired and he believes the pool didn’t have issue and also the previous owners just had actually the liner placed it because that sensory issues. That actually had actually them sign a waiver that it i will not ~ fit which that still had.

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Rick Fredenburg top top June 21, 2020 at 1:59 pm said:

Thank you for this beneficial information us do have actually a concrete bottom underground pool through preformed PVC walls and metal transaction …. The pool was professionally repainted and also primer around six years ago looked awesome for the past couple years when the new paint began to peel up . Installation a vinyl liner seems to be the answer quite than having actually the pool repainted every five years . We are in Omaha Nebraska ns wondering if you might suggest a agency that has experience in installing the vinyl liner in the inground concrete swimming pool .. Thanks ahead that time because that your experienced opinion .