Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was no going to sit by because that a 2nd year and also watch who else claim the Mustard Yellow global Belt. 

After a surprise loss in 2015 to Matt Stonie, Chestnut came earlier with a vengeance in 2016 at the 100th Anniversary of Nathan"s famous Fourth of July International warm Dog eating Contest and broke his own record, eating 70 warm dogs and also buns in 10 minutes.

Chestnut"s previous document was 69 warm dogs and buns in 2013. 

It"s additionally a brand-new record for the contest in Coney Island, per the associated Press, via ESPN.

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Chestnut had actually won the title for eight consecutive years prior to Stonie pilfered it last year. The winning stats because that the critical 10 years room below:

Nathan's hot Dog Eating dispute Winners
YearWinnerHot dog Consumed
2016Joey Chestnut70
2015Matt Stonie62
2014Joey Chestnut61
2013Joey Chestnut69
2012Joey Chestnut68
2011Joey Chestnut62
2010Joey Chestnut54
2009Joey Chestnut68
2008Joey Chestnut59
2007Joey Chestnut66

However, this year Stonie was no enhance for the determined Chestnut.

The reigning champion consumed simply 53 warm dogs and also buns before handing the title earlier over come Chestnut. 

ESPN"s Darren Rovell damaged down the nutrients...or absence thereof...Chestnut took in during his redemptive performance:

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Darren Rovell
darrenrovellJoey Chestnut took in this in 10 minute at hot Dog eat Contest: 19,600 calories, 1,260 g the fat, 54,600 mg of salt & 700 g the protein

Per MLE, the total prize purse because that the event was $40,000. Chestnut"s prize because that taking an initial place to be $10,000.

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But it appeared to be the sting of having actually his location taken indigenous him critical year, not the compensation money, that encouraged Chestnut come consume a document 70 warm dogs and buns top top Monday. 

Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

"As ns was leaving last year, everybody was like, "Oh, it"s going come make following year better," and everyone was right," Chestnut said to major League eat Commissioner George Shea after his win, via Lauren DelValle that "This year is the ideal year ever."

Chestnut additionally confirmed that he will certainly return in 2017 to defend his freshly regained title. 

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