Swimmers descend into the Coney Island surf for a frigid brand-new Year’s work tradition. Eagle image by Arthur De Gaeta

Even an really arctic polar be afflicted with may have actually questioned the plunge into the frigid Coney Island waves, as the thermometer hovered approximately 17 degrees with a water temperature that 37 degrees on brand-new Year’s Day.

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But leave it come the brave and stout-hearted individuals who did no hesitate to step out of their parkas and long johns and don swimsuits to take part in the annual brand-new Year’s work Coney Island Polar be afflicted with Plunge.

The bitterness cold temperatures maintained the crowd under to around a 1,000 through hundreds much more cheering castle on native the shore. Part attendees may have actually been motivated by the sunshine, shrugging it off as “not therefore bad.” Others, however, were noticeably shaken by the cold and salty surf.

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For the big dip, folks concerned Coney Island from anywhere the city, and places far away. They were motivated to lug warm clothes, surf boots or old sneakers, towels and also a camera to document their dive because that posterity.

The event started at 1 p.m. Top top Jan. 1 together swimmers gathered top top the Boardwalk at Stillwell Avenue.

“Every year we come down to the Coney Island Polar be afflicted with Plunge due to the fact that it’s such a fun time,” said Larry Vizel, ~ above the boardwalk with two friend dressed together dinosaurs. “We dress in costumes and we love to jump in the ocean. This year it’s the coldest it’s ever been and also we’re having actually a an excellent time. ‘Jurassic Park’ is our template this year and also we can not wait to acquire in the ocean no matter exactly how cold the is.”




While icy dips for a great cause can be appreciated in many locations transparent the country, the Coney Island Polar Bear club is the earliest winter bathing company in the U.S. The seasoned members of the Polar bear Club reap swimming in the Atlantic every Sunday indigenous November come April.

While there is no fee because that swimmers or observers, there was a suggested $25 donation to benefit local Coney Island organizations including the new York Aquarium and also the Alliance for Coney Island. And also all attendees were required to register in order to swim.

The NYC Parks department provided transforming facilities top top the boardwalk at Stillwell Avenue. There to be a post-dip celebration in ~ the Coney Island Brewing agency & Steeplechase Beer Garden.

Special execution pint glasses and a commemorative long sleeve T-shirt were given to all participants who raised $100 courtesy of the Coney Island Brewery.

For those too frightened to take it the full swim, over there was cost-free admission come the brand-new York Aquarium for every registered attendees.



This year sponsors likewise included Coney Island Brewing, Deno’s Wonder Wheel, Luna Park, Steeplechase Beer Garden and the Alliance for Coney Island.

Dr. Takeshi Yamada attend this year’s event carrying a little stuffed furry hare under his arm. Coney Island to be originally called “Rabbit Island,” since of the huge population of rabbit that live there. “This is why ns here,” said Yamada. “I’m simply happy come be below with the Coney Island Polar Bears.

Katherine Wentz, attract 2018 glasses, echoed Yamada’s sentiments. “This is my first Polar bear event,” she said. “I’m an extremely excited to be here. I’m having a good time and I’m freezing.”

This was the 114th annual Polar bear Plunge, a legacy that began in 1903.

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