You think you’ve acquired it bad when your inflight entertain conks out, the Pixie-Stix addicted child behind you mistakes the earlier of her chair for a vertical trampoline, and also the airplane runs the end of “Good Morning Sunshine” cheese boxes? it is child’s play. Welcome to Confessions of a Fed-Up flight Attendant, a Travel series where "Betty” describes the harrowing, genuine life instances she and her comrades in the sky confront every day, 35,000 miles far from a foot massage and premium whiskey.


Man Down!

When you’ve been flying a lengthy time, you obtain to recognize what world look like as soon as they are about to pass out. We shot to capture them due to the fact that they deserve to really ache themselves as soon as they fight the floor (and frankly that a lot an ext paperwork).

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On a recent night flight to London, i was walking indigenous coach to very first class when the lavatory door opened and also this man fell out the the door, unconscious, right into my arms.

There is a preeminence on the airplane: “If you find it … that yours,” definition that if you room the very first on the scene of a medical emergency, it’s her deal. The the exact same with puke.

As he lay in mine arms, ns worried that was having actually a love attack, a stroke, or a seizure.

"Are girlfriend ok?” ns asked.

“It’s slippery in there … choose an ice rink,” the slurred.

Sigh. Simply a drunk Ambien zombie.

He stood up and we controlled to guide him to his seat where he demanded an additional glass of wine.

The other trip attendants and I sternly told him, “NO an ext WINE.”

Five minutes later, the stumbled into the galley.

“I want another drink,” he demanded.

“You can’t have actually a drink as soon as you can’t stand,” us replied.

“I have the right to stand. Look,” that said, v the petulant tone that a toddler. He prolonged his arms out like a cross and then fell like one axed tree, smacking his head against the galley floor. He didn’t even feel it.

Once we got him ago to his seat, that slept it off. That’s the thing around Ambien zombies—they never remember noþeles the next day, yet they always ask us where the lumps ~ above the back of your head come from.

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