Vice president Pence and also then-Secret service Director Joseph Clancy was standing by together President trump card shakes hands through then-FBI director James B. Comey on Jan. 22, 2017. (Alex Brandon/AP)
The indictment and arrest of Stephen K. Bannon, a previous top aide to chairman Trump, is just the recent of numerous examples of world close to the president dealing with legal scrutiny. Due to the fact that Trump initially declared his candidacy in June 2015, much more than a half-dozen world linked come him or his project have to be arrested, convicted or pleaded guilty to criminal charges.

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Yet, regardless of this whirlwind of legal scrutiny, there’s have actually been virtually no arrests of the broad array of people Trump has actually demanded face punishment indigenous the criminal justice system. Trump’s 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton, go free. Therefore does previous FBI director James B. Comey. With just one exception — and a couple of still-to-be-seens — the various people Trump has insisted have to be jailed end the past five years i can not use been and also face no together risk.

Why? because Trump uses “should be in jail” the way a experienced soccer player uses falling on the ground: that a method to both garner attention and to level a serious accusation that rarely holds up.

We uncovered 15 examples of trumped calling especially for people to face jail time, either straight by the or through by quoting among his allies. The was only this main that any type of of these numbers actually confronted a judge.

Why not? It’s not clear what crime trump card purportedly believes was committed Rattner, who was in charge the the auto bailout a te ago. He may be introduce to Rattner’s having paid a huge fine related to a pension fund in 2010.

Why not? Clinton’s usage of a exclusive email server which contained the transmission of some classified product was investigated by the FBI. No charges were filed because, as Comey described in July 2016, the transmissions were unintentional and also of restricted scale.

Why not? In a music video released by the hip-hop artist, Snoop imitated illustration a pistol on a clown supposed to satirize the president. The video clearly falls in ~ the limits of Snoop’s very first Amendment rights.

Why not? Abedin forwarded login information to her an individual account to more easily publish it the end in 2009. The account, organized by Yahoo, to be likely had in number of sweeping hacks of Yahoo’s products several years later, including one thought to have actually been perpetrated through a foreign state. If there to be a legal heat crossed, that likely falls short the very same standard together the Clinton allegations.

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In his tweet, trump compares Abedin come a navy sailor, Kristian Saucier, who was imprisoned for taking photos that a perceptible area the a submarine. Trump later on pardoned him.