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Chromecast: top top Google house app, choose + > Set up device > New devices. Then follow the procedures to affix the TV to Google Home.Logitech Harmony: Google home app > + > Set increase device > Works with Google, find for Harmony, and then follow the instructions.Roku: Download the Quick Remote app on your mobile device, then follow the indict to affix Roku and Google Home.

Although you can"t physically connect a Google house to a TV, you have the right to use it come send voice regulates through your house network to a TV, enabling you come stream content from selected apps and control part TV functions.

use Google home With TV via Chromecast

One method to connect Google residence with her TV is via a Google Chromecast or Chromecast Ultra media streamer that plugs into any type of TV through an HDMI input.

Typically, a smartphone or tablet computer is used to present content with the Chromecast so you deserve to see it on a TV. However, as soon as a Chromecast is paired v Google home you have actually the choice to usage Google Assistant voice commands through your smartphone or Google Home.

To get started, make sure the Chromecast is plugged into your TV and that it, your smartphone, and Google home are top top the same network. (This method that they are linked to the very same router.)

Google Home have the right to be used with televisions from a variety of manufacturers, including, yet not restricted to, those made by LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, and Vizio.

attach Your Chromecast

The adhering to instructions are for Android. (There might be slim variations between the Android and also iOS apps.)


Polaroid TV v Chromecast Built-in.

usage Google house with a Logitech Harmony Remote manage System

Another method you can affix Google house to her TV is via a third-party global remotes such as compatible Logitech Harmony Remotes.

By linking Google residence with a compatible Harmony remote system, you can perform many of the control and content accessibility functions for her TV utilizing Google Assistant voice commands.

using Harmony to rotate TV on and off

If every you want to perform is use Harmony to rotate your TV or Off, you deserve to install the IFTTT application on your smartphone. The steps listed below will link the "OK Google–Turn on/off the TV" commands to her Google Home and a compatible Harmony Remote regulate system.

use Google house With Roku Via the rapid Remote app

If you have actually a Roku TV or Roku media streamer plugged right into your TV, you can link it come a Google residence using the fast Remote app (Android Only).

To obtain started, download and also install the quick Remote application on her smartphone, climate follow the indict outlined ~ above the fast Remote application download page to connect Quick remote to her Roku device and Google Home.

Once you have successfully attached Quick Remote v your Roku an equipment and Google Home, you have the right to use voice commands to tell quick Remote come execute menu navigation on her Roku an equipment so the you have the right to select any app to begin playing. However, the just apps friend can deal with by name straight are the ones discussed previously that Google residence supports.

The rapid Remote app works the same way on both plug-in Roku devices and Roku TVs (TVs v Roku features built-in).

Quick Remote deserve to be provided with one of two people the Google residence or Google Assistant apps. This way if girlfriend don't have actually a Google Home, friend can control your Roku an equipment or Roku TV using the Google Assistant app on her smartphone.

If girlfriend aren't near your Google Home, you additionally have the choice to use the quick Remote application keypad on your smartphone.

Quick far is totally free to install, however you are restricted to 50 free commands every month. If you require to have actually the ability to use more, friend will should subscribe come the quick Remote complete Pass because that $.99 per month or $9.99 every year.

Roku TVs, sticks, and boxescan additionally be managed directly through Google Assistant and also Google residence for numerous commands, there is no necessarily having actually to go through quick Remote. Uncover out how.

Android quick Remote app.

use Google home with URC full Control device

If your TV is part of a practice installation that is centered roughly a comprehensive remote regulate system, such as the URC (Universal far Control) total Control 2.0, linking it come Google house is a little more complex than the solutions disputed so far.

If you want to usage Google home with her TV and URC total Control 2.0, one installer is required to set up the link. Once linked, the installer then establishes the whole command infrastructure you need to operate and accessibility content on her TV.

You have the selection of letting the installer produce the essential voice commands, or you deserve to tell it what commands you would prefer to use.

For example, you can go through something basic, such together "Turn on the TV", or something much more fun favor "OK–It is time for movie nite!". The installer then provides the phrases work-related with the Google Assistant platform.

Using the link between Google Home and the URC total Control system, the installer can integrate one or much more tasks through a particular phrase. "OK–It is time for Movie Nite" have the right to be offered to rotate on the TV, dim the lights, move to a channel, revolve on the audio system, etc... (and maybe start the popcorn popper–if that is component of the system).

Google home with URC Remote manage System.

beyond Google Home: TVs through Google Assistant built-in

Although Google Home, in mix with extr devices and also apps, is a an excellent way to connect and control what you view on TV, Google Assistant is likewise incorporated into select TVs directly.

LG, beginning with that is 2018 clever TV line, uses its ThinQ AI (Artificial Intelligence) mechanism to regulate all TV and streaming functions, and also control other LG smart products, however switches to Google Assistant to reach out past the TV to carry out the features of a Google Home, including regulate of third-party smart home devices.

Both the internal AI and Google Assistant functions are caused via the TV's voice-enabled far control–no require to have actually a separate Google Home maker or smartphone.

On the other hand, Sony bring away a contempt different technique by making use of Google Assistant top top its Android TVs to manage both the inner TV functions and linking with exterior smart residence products.

With Google Assistant developed into a TV, instead of Google Home controlling the TV, the TV is controlling a "virtual" Google Home.

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However, if girlfriend do have a Google Home, girlfriend can likewise link that to a TV that has actually Google Assistant built-in using any of the methods discussed above–although this is redundant.