It’s only remained in the north American industry for 5 years. But…it’s a fast-growing brand in America and also the third-largest in the world. So if you’ve freshly purchased a TCL smart TV, friend can better unlock is clever capabilities utilizing Google Home. That’s why, in this article, we’ll provide simple guide on how to affix Google residence to TCL clever TV.

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If you likewise own a Samsung smart TV, you deserve to follow this simple guide to affix it to Google Home.

Going back…

The release of TCL Android TVs several years ago makes it less complicated for girlfriend to connect your TV to Google Home. V this, you deserve to easily actors shows, movies, games, sports, and also other content from her Android device or any other maker for that issue to her TCL TV. Simply simply tap the cast button.

What to suppose from a TCL clever TV:

Native Google actors supportGoogle Assistant integrationRemote regulate voice recognitionUniversal searchCurated content

There space TCL smart TVs the come with built-in Chromecast, and also there space TCL Roku TVs. Every calls for a different technique when connecting to Google Home.

And v that…

Here room the approaches you deserve to try.

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Method 1: attach Google house to TCL smart TV v Chromecast

If you’re making use of a TCL clever TV that runs on Android TV, climate you can connect it to Google residence via Chromecast.


To use Google Assistant voice commands (Roku skill), you require to link your Roku account an initial to your Google account.

For this, simply follow this steps:

On her Android device, beginning the Google house app.Tap the “Add button.”Then tap “Set up device.”Select “Have other already set up?”Search and tap “Roku.”Sign in to her Roku account when prompted.Select the TCL Roku TV you want to regulate to Google Home.

Once connected, you deserve to now use Roku skills for Google Assistant making use of your Google house to do compatible voice commands to her TV.

Note: While friend can attach Google home to her TCL clever TV that runs ~ above Roku, few of the Roku skill voice commands won’t work. This contains opening and accessing Netflix.


Yes, that does. Depending upon what TCL TV you’re using, you can choose any type of of the abovementioned methods in order because that Google house to work-related with your TV.

Not all. However for TCL Roku TV through no Bluetooth, you have the right to still affix the TV wirelessly to your compatible gadgets using the Roku app.

You can attach it using display screen Mirroring. This attribute is allowed in TCL Roku TVs. Come connect, open the action Center, then choose Project, then select connect to a wireless display, and also finally pick a maker and monitor the provided instructions.

Final Thoughts

Google residence just makes your viewing suffer a lot easier. Not only that, however you can additionally connect it with other gadgets to form a group of compatible devices that you have the right to command v your call or v your voice: indigenous compatible speakers, protection cameras, irradiate switches, to clever light bulbs, and more.

You can connect Google home both to her TCL Roku TV or TCL Android TV. However, the the 2, it’s obviously with Android TV the you can get an ext control and also use an ext voice commands. Again, Roku skills for Google Assistant don’t receive as much support contrasted to TCL TVs that operation on Android TV.

But whichever girlfriend use, remainder assured the there’s a way for girlfriend to attach it to Google Home and use Google Assistant. Just pick the appropriate an approach from any kind of of the 2 approaches featured here. And also if you’re native the US, all the more reason that you deserve to trust TCL TVs (because Roku an abilities for Google Assistant room supported only in the US).

So what TCL smart TV are you using? Or if friend don’t very own one, which are you planning come get? us hope you’ll uncover these techniques helpful. Feel complimentary to share her comments, suggestions, or inquiries below.

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