I vividly recall being sold right into slavery in Fishers. After ~ sneaking a emergence at one “master”, ns was forced to the ground because that “being uppity.” one more time, ns was informed I’d be sold in a lot with number of others, since I was no worth much as one “old, worn-out” breeder.

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Believe it or not, the verbal disrespect and domination is all component of one award-winning interactive history simulation in ~ Conner Prairie, “Follow the phibìc Star” offered Nov. 7-8, 13-15, 20-22 and also on weekend dates in April 2015.

Although it was never my on purpose to become a north Star “frequent flier”, I’ve now repeatedly welcomed the invite to identify with the plight that a runaway slave.

However, I, prefer all the other participants, had actually the power to “turn invisible” and also end the simulation suffer at any kind of time, simply by displaying a strip of cloth that would alert Conner Prairie employee that ns wished to watch, but not straight participate.

Although nobody is whipped or branded top top Conner Prairie, permit me testify the running through the Hoosier night from her “masters” come a cacophony that (recorded) gunshots and barking dogs will make your heart price accelerate.

The 90-minute program enables participants to identify with the lot of a fugitive servant in the year 1836 that traveling through Indiana looking for freedom.

After city hall a short film and also receiving an orientation, participants take a brief trip to the wooded acreage wherein the intense regimen begins. They find out they are slaves who have actually been brought to the Indiana state heat by your cruel owner, who decides to unload them in ~ an auction in the woods.

This is their possibility to escape come freedom, but on the trip, castle will need to navigate number of encounters with different Hoosier residents, each with his or her very own agenda.

Conner Prairie President and also CEO Ellen Rosenthal has explained that the will of the routine is come immerse attendees in a hand-operated experience for lasting learning much more intense 보다 that derived from analysis a textbook or the town hall a film.

At the end of the program, you discover your fate: freedom, inadvertently death, or capture and a go back to slavery. Nothing is sugarcoated. Finally, a debriefing session enables you to share your feelings, questioning questions and also learn more about Indiana’s function in the secret Railroad.

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My recommendation: this program has garnered nationwide attention, highlights a neglected measurement of history, and also is right right here in the subway area. Why miss out on it? If you go, make certain you stay comfortable shoes and dress for the temperature.

You’ll be moving about Connor Prairie in ~ night, top top uneven terrain. The program, i m sorry is sponsored by Fifth 3rd Bank, began in 1998. Around 30,000 guests, amongst them 17,000 students periods 12 and up, have participated in simply the last 5 years. The program has actually earned nationwide awards from the American combination of Museums and also American Association for State and Local History. For tickets and accessibility for “Follow the phibìc Star”, call (317) 776-6000 or visit ConnerPrairie.org