The Season 7 premiere the Chicago Fire featured a emotional tribute come deceased cast member DuShon Monique Brown that assisted everyone to speak goodbye to her character, Connie. Now we recognize why the show wrapped increase Connie"s story the way it did. When I spoke to executive, management producer Derek Haas at One Chicago work a few weeks ago, that revealed that trying to figure out what to do with Connie after ~ Brown"s sudden death was something the he and his team had actually trouble with and thought hard about to obtain right.

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When it happened, it caught us so off guard. And she was already in three much more episodes past that and we were coming yes, really close come the end of the season. I simply didn"t want to do something reactionary, or, honestly, like, unfair to the personality or family, girlfriend know? ns didn"t want to do something exploitative because that the present that didn"t job-related with actual life. And I knew so plenty of of our cast members were really close come her and also they want to perform something nice.

While countless fans may have actually wondered why DuShon Monique Brown"s death wasn"t written right into last season, according to Derek Haas they simply didn"t have actually time to number out how to wrap up Connie"s story and also fit it into the show. And, in what to be a really smart move, Haas wanted to make sure that the didn"t rush right into anything which may have led come the present doing miscellaneous unintentionally disrespectful come the character, or (even worse) Brown"s family. Haas also noted that several actors members were very close to Brown, and also they want to make sure every little thing the display did with Connie would certainly be something nice the would permit them, and fans, come mourn the actress in a sweet way.

In the premiere, when everyone gathers because that the change briefing, Boden speak them the Connie had actually been functioning on she masters level in counseling, and, having actually finished the program, she"s now off to she dream job. Her brand-new employer asked her to start immediately, and also Boden didn"t have actually the heart to speak no come her. An interpretation she left without gaining a opportunity to say she goodbyes to anyone other than Boden. Haas stated that this way of composing Connie off was courtesy of one of Chicago Fire"s head writers, who figured the it would certainly be a an excellent way to pay respect come Brown"s life.

Andrea Newman, one of our head writers, had this idea. She said, "Connie and DuShon are not the same. Connie"s a character and also DuShon"s the actress, they don"t have to have the exact same fate." So, she had actually that idea that the tribute be towards who DuShon was in her life, which was actually, in enhancement to she acting, she was a counselor.

The news that Connie"s departure prompts Herrmann to say, "I didn"t obtain to to speak goodbye. No one of us did," with Boden replying, "That"s OK, "cause she knows just how much us love her here." Obviously, this to be a means to pay tribute come the no-nonsense personality of Connie, but additionally served as a true send off for DuShon Monique Brown, v some thank you feelings native the cast and also crew included for great measure. And, because that Haas, this was really the ideal method to take care of such a challenging situation. About the conversation in between Herrmann and also Boden, he said:

I think that"s what we all want to say.

Chicago Fire continues Wednesdays on NBC, and airs in ~ a unique time, 8 p.m. EST, tonight for the large Chicago display crossover night. For more on what you deserve to watch top top the tiny screen, check out our 2018 loss premiere schedule.

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