​​​The Connie Francis Story is one American story. Born into a blue-collar Italian family members at the end of the great Depression, she go on come unimaginable heights the success. Follow me this journey she experienced lot of what life can offer, the highest possible of highs and also lowest of lows, the ingredient of both dreams and also nightmares. This memoir take away its reader on this breathtaking journey.Mid-century America was a jubilant time filled through confidence, righteousness and also spirit. Connie discovered herself not only smack in the middle of it all, however one the its authors.We take trip this world, reliving it with Connie's eyes, affording united state of a front heat seat to several of the best public and also private moment in American background and renowned culture. Visiting American Bandstand, The Copacabana, las Vegas and also The Ed Sullivan Show, every at their particular heights, reader will experience the glorious career, trials and tribulations, unspeakable tragedies and unparalleled achievements of this legend artist.

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​Her fame to be international and also brought her to the the furthest corners the the earth, conquering wildly enthusiastic audience throughout. Connie delighted in an international celebrity indigenous Germany to Australia, one that has been unequaled by any kind of recording artist come this day. She is, in fact, the best-selling mrs artist in recording history, record in 12 different languages.

She shares through unusual candor and insight the juxtaposition that existed in her an individual life. When the love affair v her audience to be exhilarating, gratifying and omnipresent, fulfilling love affairs in her an individual life constantly eluded her. . . V the exception of her one true love, Bobby Darin. A love damaged by she father. A domineering guy with who she had actually a complicated, regularly troubling relationship. He to be both the architect that her unrivaled career and the cause of she greatest an individual pain. She willingness to reveal the most private aspects of she life with complete honesty and also often pains reflection is both startling and courageous.She experienced many tragedies. The horrifying rape she endured and also the seven years the fear and also isolation the followed, the murder of her brothers at the hands of the Mafia, the loss of her golden voice for four torturous years, four failed marriages, and also the result mental illness that to be misdiagnosed and continued to pester her for eight lengthy years. Year she invested in and out of psychological hospitals involuntarily cursed by her managing father, space chronicled with honesty, resentment and her rare feeling of humor.Her celebrity permitted her to obstacle elbows with presidents, royalty, the top echelon of the Mob, and of course, every above showbiz number of the era. The story she shares starring this extraordinary actors of personalities are, together they say. . .

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"funnier and also often stranger and more shocking 보다 fiction".Few stars have had actually the life of Connie Francis, far fewer would have actually the willingness, wit, insight, intellect and also disarming self-deprecation to write a book of together unflinching nature. ​