LAS las vegas -- In the end, the equation us all knew comes in turned the end to it is in true: The ideal boxer in the world beat one of the best mixed martial artist in a boxing match. 

How we acquired there, however, was totally surprising. 

In his return indigenous a two-year retirement, Floyd Mayweather boosted to 50-0 v a 10th-round TKO over an incredibly game Conor McGregor in your pay-per-view superfight at T-Mobile Arena. But the storyline was just as much about McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, in defeat 보다 it was about the 40-year-old Mayweather in victory.

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McGregor, 29, who was make his debut as a boxer, never combated recklessly or too many aggressively, in contrast to his forecast of a first-round knockout. What the did was existing Mayweather with a poised and credible challenge, teasing a shining future in the boxing video game should he consider it. 

"He"s a lot much better than I assumed he was," Mayweather said. "He used various angles. He to be a difficult competitor, but I to be the better man tonight.

"We talked around how he"s a tough competitor, and also I think we gave the pan what they wanted to see. I determined a hell the a dance partner to run with. Conor McGregor, you space a hell that a champion."

Mayweather, that officially announced his retirement ~ the fight, was true come his prediction transparent the fight"s develop when the promised it wouldn"t go the distance. He likewise stuck to his guns around standing in prior of McGregor searching for a finish. 

After a slow-moving start in i m sorry Mayweather provided away the first three rounds in order to choose up McGregor"s rhythms, the former pound-for-pound king started his attack.

Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) focused on the body in the middle rounds in an initiative to zap McGregor"s gas tank. The investment began to salary off as McGregor looked weary so late in ring 7. Two rounds later, McGregor was happy to do the final bell together Mayweather wobbled him with ideal hands. 

"He"s a challenging competitor" Mayweather said. "Our game arrangement was to take our time, let that shoot every his hefty shots early and then take him out at the end down the stretch."

Round 10 was all Mayweather as he walked down the fading Irishman with right hands. After ~ a clean mix against the ropes, referee Robert Byrd jumped in in ~ 1:05 to wave off the fight. 

"I assumed it to be close. Let me go down, let the male put me down," McGregor said about the finish. "Wobbly and fatigued? I"m clear-headed. Let me wobble ago to me corner. If lock finished that round he"d be wobbling to the morgue.

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"You"ve gained to placed me out. No one is taking these kinds of risks."

Mayweather outlanded McGregor, 170 to 111, according to CompuBox, and also landed 58 percent of his power shots. From rounds 6-10, Mayweather outlanded his adversary by a counting of 130-60. 

At the time of the stoppage, Mayweather led top top all three judges" scorecards (87-83, 89-82, 89-81). 

Although McGregor"s punching power started to fade together with his stamina, he remained in the fight transparent the center rounds by using task and slap punches. He additionally did well to sneak in shots from the clinch without ending up being too dirty. 

In the end, McGregor never combated too far external of boxing rules, which many had expected he would try once things acquired bad. Byrd gave both fighters a lengthy warning during the final seconds before the opened bell and was consistent in the amount of time he provided both fighters to job-related in the clinch prior to breaking lock up. Byrd warned McGregor for hare punching double -- and both fighters because that pushing -- yet never was in a place where a deduction was needed. 

For all of the pre-fight predictions about McGregor struggling together a novice, the MMA star showed good technique and an overall respect for the sweet science. He also forced Mayweather to fight and avoided a one-sided performance in loss that virtually all movie critics predicted. 

"I believed I take it the beforehand rounds quite easy," McGregor said. "He"s composed. He"s no that fast, he"s not that powerful, yet boy, is the composed.

"I turn right into a mexico tonight. He dealt with like a Mexican."

Mayweather, in his first fight because outpointing Andre Berto in September 2015, overshadowed the revered 49-0 mark of Rocky Marciano, who retired as unbeaten heavyweight champion. 

"A victory is a win, no matter how you get it," Mayweather said. "Rocky Marciano is a legend, and also I look forward to going right into the hall of reputation one day.