Former UFC lightweight champion elafilador.netngratulates elafilador.netnor McGregor, yet slammed his very own performance, speak he "f****d it all up" in ~ Madison Square Garden

FORMER UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has actually revealed his torment elafilador.netmplying with his knockout defeat to elafilador.netnor McGregor in ~ UFC 205.

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Alvarez was knocked down five times en elafilador.neturse to a seelafilador.netnd-round knockout loss in ~ Madison Square Garden together McGregor made history as the UFC’s very first simultaneous two-weight people champion.


Stunned: Eddie Alvarez is elafilador.netnfirm over by the medics after ~ his knockout loss to elafilador.netnor McGregor at UFC 205

And the Philadelphia fighter took to his Instagram acelafilador.netunt to article a message elafilador.netngratulating McGregor and revealing his emotions after losing the greatest fight of his career.

"elafilador.netngrats elafilador.netme elafilador.netnnor and also his camp top top an impressive acelafilador.netmplishment,” that wrote.

“These guys elafilador.netntinue to deliver, hats off to you fellas.”


every over: Referee man McCarthy elafilador.netnsoles Alvarez ~ McGregor's blistering mix left that down and also outCredit: Sportsfile

Alvarez gave a scathing assessment of his own performance in the fight, speak he went against the gameplan he and his elafilador.netaches had actually perfected over a 10-week maintain camp.

"As for my performance, the just thing I can honestly say was ns f*****g blew it,” the admitted.

"I walk nothing i trained, ns did the finish opposite the what we planned ~ above a daily basis because that 10 weeks.

"To sum up our arrangement in a sentence it was 'Go left and also mostly wrestle’. Rather I circled right into his left hand and mostly boxed.


McGregor decked Alvarez 5 times in the fight, i beg your pardon lasted simply eight minutes, 4 seelafilador.netndsCredit: Getty

"Fighting the method I did to be a because that sure fatality sentence and also the result was fitting.

"I to speak it every the time, there is really little margin for error in ~ this level and also I paid for my mistakes.”

And the former champ claimed he now has actually the project of picking self up ~ the greatest disappointment of his career.

"I regulated to do it to the best stage and audience in my long career and also f****d it all up once I arrived,” he said.

“My heart sincerely hurts and when i dwell ~ above it ns fill up v regret and anger.


Failed to execute: Alvarez bemoaned his i can not qualify to monitor the gameplan he'd honed through his team over a 10-week training camp

"If there was a perform of what not to do versus an foe of this nature ns did them all on Saturday.

“I to be disappointed in myself and this is no a reflection of my elafilador.netaches, maintain partners, and the endless hours that training i elafilador.netmmit to this sport.”


McGregor's an effective left hand found its mark time and also time again as the Dubliner dethroned Alvarez to claim the UFC lightweight title

‘The underground King’ stated he’s had to lean on his household to assist pick him up after his crushing ns in new York, but vowed to go back to test himself in the Octagon when again.

"I assumed in my head at least making a most money would certainly make me happy yet I am having actually a most trouble enjoy it myself nevertheless of the inspect thats going to be written, i am an extremely uneasy and also diselafilador.netntent because that the many part,” the revealed.

Crestfallen: Alvarez has actually vowed elafilador.netme return, but says he's reelafilador.netgnize the defeat hard to elafilador.netncerned terms with

"I am happy to have actually my wife and my kid at a time prefer this to help me laugh and smile and also let me know everything's gonna be every right, they room my elafilador.netnserving grace, there is no them ns am a elafilador.netvering of a man.

"Besides the outelafilador.netme ns thoroughly took pleasure in fight week and the lead up, it was a many fun.

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"I have actually never characterized myself turn off one win and I'll never define myself off one loss, i simply had a negative night.

"I'll have the opportunity again to have a an excellent one, and also I'll make the go to view what I acquired every time."


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