“There’s a reason why we’re at the height of the game,” McGregor tells ireland fans. “Because that me and also because of you.”



AS huge AND as brash together ever, Conor McGregor reminded the whole UFC that he is the king after ~ making background as the organisation’s first simultaneous two-weight champion.

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McGregor put on one exhibition in Madison Square Garden as he quit Eddie Alvarez in the second round to claim the lightweight title.

“I’ve invested a the majority of time slaying anyone in the company,” an ecstatic McGregor said Joe Rogan in the Octagon as his momentous victory sunk in.

“Backstage I’m beginning fights with everybody. I have ridiculed everyone on the roster.

And I’d just like to speak from the bottom of mine heart, I’d prefer to take this possibility to apologise… come absolutely nobody. The twin champ walk what the fuck he wants!

UFC legends Randy Couture and also BJ Penn previously won title at lot of weights however until tonight, as soon as McGregor added the lightweight belt come his featherweight one, nobody had been champion of two departments at the exact same time.

And McGregor blasted UFC bosses because that not having actually his 2nd belt ~ above hand immediately.

“Where the fuck is my second belt? I’ve already got this one.

Where’s the second one at, cheap motherfuckers? $4.2 billion this company was sold for. Where’s that second belt? go backstage and also grab that motherfucker.

“I already won and they’re trying come take that one top top me already. What the fuck?”

He added: “They must have had actually both those belts ready and also spit-shined because that me. It’s never been excellent before.”

On a historic night, McGregor said that he was in no way surprised at the ease through which he dispatched Alvarez.

The defending champion to be dropped three times through McGregor in a dominant an initial round and when the finish came after 3:04 that the second, it had long seemed inevitable.

“They’re not on my level,” he said.

“You’ve acquired to have actually size, reach, length – you’ve obtained to have actually some attributes. If you come in any method equal come me, i’m going come rip your whole head off and that’s it. I’ve excellent it every time.

Eddie’s a competitor, he is a warrior, yet he do not do it have remained in here v me and that’s the reality of it.

The UFC’s debut in brand-new York since the legalisation of mixed martial arts in the state previously this year shattered records, v its gate figure of $17.7m a new high because that both the UFC and also the iconic Madison Square Garden venue.

McGregor was quick to pay tribute to the travelling irish fans who once again turned the end in your thousands to support him.

“Thanks everyone for comes out. I fucking love every one of you, i swear to god. You’ve took trip the world with me.

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There’s a reason why we’re at the height of the game — due to the fact that of me and also because of you — and I love every solitary one that you.

Conor McGregor stop Eddie Alvarez to victory UFC lightweight title and make history

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