UFC president Dana White has locked down a date and venue for the very anticipated bout in between Jose Aldo and also Conor McGregor. Follow to Yahoo Sports" Kevin Iole, Aldo vs. McGregor is scheduled for Dec. 12 throughout UFC 194 at the MGM grand Garden Arena in ras Vegas.

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White admitted AT&T stadion in Arlington, Texas, to be a major threat to host the fight:

But White said Yahoo sports that he want a larger venue 보다 the approximately 11,000-seat Mandalay Bay events Center. He was in talks through Cowboys" officials about putting the struggle at at & t Stadium and also said the on Thursday, "if friend would have actually asked me, ns would have actually told girlfriend for sure we to be going come Dallas Cowboys Stadium."

Instead, officials representing MGM Resorts moved the crucial pieces around to allow the Garden Arena to home Aldo vs. McGregor.

Bleacher Report"s Jeremy Botter didn"t envision any other outcome:

Jeremy Botter

Dallas was never ever a genuine option. Was always leverage to obtain MGM to salary more. Those fights were never ever leaving Vegas.

Jeremy Botter

McGregor/Aldo, Werdum Cain either 12/5 or 12/12 and also then Rousey/Tate, Weidman/Rockhold jan 2. All MGM.

Fans will be happy castle now have a confirmed day for the UFC featherweight location clash. McGregor and also Aldo were originally collection to challenge off in ~ UFC 189, yet the champ suffered one injury in training.

In a way, fighting Chad Mendes to be a good thing because that McGregor, as it allowed him one critical stern test before he meets the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the UFC.

Aldo vs. McGregor is bound come be among the biggest fights that 2015. Both fighters room immensely talented and charismatic. Plus, lock seem come genuinely dislike every other, i m sorry was evident during the pre-fight press conferences:


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Over the past couple of years, mixed martial art fans have actually bemoaned how the UFC has actually hurt the product by placing together too numerous cards and also building too couple of new stars. Pan will have actually little an obstacle getting excited because that an Aldo vs. McGregor key event.

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UFC 194 will certainly be a good way for the company to close out 2015 v a bang. 

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