Conor McGregor has made his plan clear.

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Despite every the criticism for his figure on the scales on Friday night, McGregor has declared that his time at featherweight is no over.

"The Notorious" became the undisputed featherweight champion after beating long-time belt holder Jose Aldo in a unification bout in ~ UFC 194.


But, together has come to be somewhat typical, McGregor looked rather attracted out in ~ the weigh-ins and also rumours the a relocate up come lightweight began circulating.

"I giggle every the time," McGregor claimed at the post-fight push conference. "Because every time I action on the scales and also I step off the scales, everybody"s favor "it"s the worst I"ve ever before seen him, he better rehydrate effectively or he"s in a hell the a most trouble.

"Don"t obtain me wrong, it"s a hard weight cut but tell me one time I"ve to let go it. Phone call me one time I"ve not proved up the following day fresh.

"Everyone up there on that stage that makes weight is not in the freshest the states. This is the business.

"But this time around, although it to be tough, ns did that professionally. I reduced no corners. I had actually a male in that was help me v the framework of it and I trusted in the structure and also in the plan and also the weight came off me.

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"Is it easy? No. But I obtain it done like a professional. 


"Although I said I was, i wasn"t considering leave the featherweight division for an excellent because i am the unified world champion. This is mine division.


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"I to speak what i do now so probably I feel that there room a pair of contenders in the mix. Allow them compete versus each other while i go up and take the lightweight belt, allow a competitor to emerge, go ago down and also take out that contender, and then go back up ~ a lightweight competitor has emerged and also take the end that contender."