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UFC superstar Conor McGregor broke the UFC’s brand-new policy about the command of that is fighters during face-offs top top Thursday. Follow to MMA Mania, McGregor “should be fined, suspended, and also pulled indigenous the card” after the kicked Dustin Poirier on Thursday at the pre-fight push conference for UFC 264.

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If girlfriend missed the moment, you can watch the below.

MMA Mania formerly reported the brand-new policy the agency told that is fighters to be in place after Jeremy Stephens vs. Drakkar Klose had to be canceled previously this year as soon as the last was injured by his opponent’s support at the pre-fight face-off.

The plan was relayed to the general public via social media through a UFC star.

“They simply told us at weigh ins that if we touch our opponent at ceremonial weigh ins for any thing various other than a fist bump, or a handshake, or high five, we will be traction from the card, suspended, and also fined,” UFC women’s flyweight competitor Lauren Murphy posted on Twitter.

They just told us at weigh ins that if us touch our opponent at ceremonial sweet ins for any type of thing various other than a fist bump, or a handshake, or high five, we will certainly be pulled from the card, suspended, and fined.


— Lauren Murphy (
LaurenMurphyMMA) June 11, 2021

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Questions Abound around UFC’s reported Policy

The plan was never formally announced by the UFC and maybe never even implemented, therefore there’s a great chance it was just something relayed come fighters together a reactionary move after the Stephens vs. Klose fight had to it is in canceled.

All that’s really recognized is the Murphy and presumedly various other UFC stars were warned around it, for this reason UFC 264 featured the first real check of what might happen if a fighter dared come lash out at an additional star during a pre-fight faceoff again.

It additionally offered possibly the best feasible proof the a blanket plan such as the one defined to Murphy by the UFC might not really have any kind of teeth behind it.

That would particularly seem to be the case in regards to main occasion superstars like McGregor. If McGregor “should it is in fined, suspended, and also pulled native the card”, climate the policy is probably broken.

To put it bluntly, there’s no means the UFC would ever pull McGregor or any type of other main event star the end of a fight for something prefer McGregor’s absent on Thursday.

But if the UFC plan is in ar as was argued by Murphy on social media and reported through MMA Mania, then the doesn’t typical a good or suspension of some kind can not follow for McGregor after ~ UFC 264 is over.

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Why UFC can Fine or Suspend McGregor

Even if the were simply as a token of some kind, such as suspending McGregor for three months knowing full well the wouldn’t return that fast anyway, or also giving the wealthiest fighter in UFC background some sort of small fine because that his transgression, the punishment would certainly at least aid keep the plan on the mental of various other UFC stars as soon as they head as much as the dais before their fights.

Look, the UFC can’t afford for fights to fall off your cards due to the fact that of pre-fight shoves and also kicks. Those face-offs are done to assist promote the fight, not potentially keep them from happening.

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But the UFC also can’t purchased to shed its biggest stars via an interior policy that was expected to keep its fighters safe before they go into the cage.