despite him stepping far from the ring a few years ago, Floyd Mayweather has ongoing to remain attached to a boxing return. Lot which has actually come in the means of a rematch against UFC star Conor McGregor. The chatter has stayed roughly long sufficient for Mayweather to ultimately give a truthful price on what the will require to do one more match.

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Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor fight

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Following much hype around the possibility, Floyd Mayweather and also Conor McGregor agreed come a substantial boxing fight ago in respectable 2017.

The two spent much of the media tour ahead of the match trash-talking each other. However, it was a fight that expectedly didn’t live as much as the hype together it was McGregor’s very first professional boxing match. It certainly showed as he had actually plenty of energy early in the bout and also tired out in the mid-rounds.

Meanwhile, Mayweather moved through the match with much ease and also controlled watch every round. The hit was referred to as in the 10th round as the referee quit it together he feel McGregor wasn’t defending himself. It was a predictable route provided the circumstances, but it hasn’t stopped the chatter roughly a possible rematch.

Mayweather has addressed the instance again, however this time putting a certain answer on what the will take to fight McGregor again.

Floyd Mayweather states it will certainly take $300 million come fight Conor McGregor again

Has Floyd Mayweather speak to Conor McGregor?"Nah. Ns don't like him, in ~ all. At all." —

— society Shay Shay (
ClubShayShay) September 30, 2020

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Throughout the backend that his boxing career, Floyd Mayweather made the abundantly clear that he worths the fight the gets the the most money.

It’s been a massive component in him earning far-ranging paydays from his last few fights, particularly the bout versus Conor McGregor. Through that in mind, Mayweather has actually recently to adjust it out on theClub Shay Shaypodcastwith Shannon Sharpe the he won’t fight the UFC star unless he it s okay $300 million from the feasible rematch.

“If I might make $300 million, absolutely. Conor McGregor can’t punch.”

There is no inquiry that Mayweather might net a considerable gain from any type of potential fight, but that may be a little bit more daunting during this coronavirus pandemic. The first match witnessed him garner $300 million while McGregor earn $100 million. The voiced the he values his health and wellness greatly, which speak to his firmness in his questioning price for any type of potential fight.

If the two room to explore this path down the line, the will only come under to money, and also if that is right, there’s no way that Mayweather transforms it down.

Potential future plan ahead

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As lengthy as Conor McGregor continues to suggest his desire come fight Floyd Mayweather again, the conversation will remain.

That said, McGregor is supposedly nearing a deal to fight one more boxing legend in Manny Pacquiao next year what in the middle East. Over there haven’t been countless details laid out, but there is some groundwork the the 2 sides are structure off. If the money is ideal in this situation, it’s hard to imagine the the 2 sides wouldn’t occupational toward putting together a fight.

Pacquiao will certainly be the unquestioned favorite together he’s likewise proven that he still has actually plenty of struggle left in him. Meanwhile, chatter is floating roughly the Mayweather has actually agreed to a boxing match versus social media influencer Logan Paul. Over there hasn’t any kind of clear check of a fight, however that sounds like an recurring situation.

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Ultimately, only time will tell on both of these fronts if something will certainly transpire.