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Conor McGregor was beat by Dustin Poirier in your trilogy hit after the Irishman damaged the reduced tibia in his shin.

Poirier to be awarded the success via injury TKO, and also McGregor was no at all happy about that.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, McGregor stated that this is indeed far from over.

“This is no over,” McGregor furiously said Rogan.

“If we need to take this outside with him... We don’t provide a b*******."

As Poirier ongoing to taunt McGregor off camera, the Irishman ended it all by saying: “Your mam is in my DMs baby.”

McGregor also told Poirier exactly which nightclub he would be partying at as soon as he left the arena.

The rubbish talking in between these two was beyond entertaining during the develop up to the fight, and following that post-fight interview from McGregor, it’s indeed going to escalate also further provided the means Poirier obtained the win.

Rogan additionally asked McGregor to describe what he felt ~ snapping his ankle and also he said: “Just the the thing had actually separated and also I landed on the wonky leg prefer Anderson Silva.”

Ultimately, this may not have actually been the end of the McGregor-Poirier rivalry ~ all. V McGregor now looking for revenge come an even larger degree, might a 4th fight well and truly be on the cards after UFC 264?

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