Customers space suing Showtime for their coverage that Floyd Mayweather Jr."s victory over Conor McGregor because of the quality of their stream and buffering issues.

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Ashley Cullins the the Hollywood Reporter report Showtime is being sued for "unlawful profession practices and also unjust enrichment" after issues with your pay-per-view streaming service.

Per Cullins, lawyer Michael Fuller submitted to the federal court:

"Instead of gift upfront with consumers about its new, untested, underpowered service, defendant caused likelihood the confusion and also misunderstanding regarding the resource and quality of the HD video clip consumers would watch on struggle night.

"Defendant purposely misrepresented the quality and also grade of video consumers would certainly see using its app, and knowingly failed come disclose the its device was defective with respect come the lot of bandwidth available, and that defendant"s organization would materially fail to conform to the top quality of HD video defendant promised."

Customers payment $99.99 because that the fight, and the sue is seeking loss for your trouble.

Showtime"s SVP the sports interactions Chris DeBlasio confirmed they will certainly refund fans who purchased the PPV native and the ShowtimePPV app and also had difficulties with the stream, via Cullins: "We have actually received a very minimal number the complaints and will problem a complete refund for any kind of customer who purchased the event directly from Showtime and were unable to receive the telecast."

Mayweather was victorious in the fight, beating McGregor through TKO in the 10th round together the Irishman ran the end of steam at the T-Mobile Arena in las Vegas, Nevada.


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Amid the worries with the Showtime stream, Todd Spangler of Variety reported that illegal streams of the hit were perceived by 2.9 million people.

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