As current featherweight champion Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor prepare for their much-anticipated UFC 194 headline enhance Saturday in ~ the MGM grand in las Vegas, over there is no shortage that drama.

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During your weigh-in Friday the two fighters virtually came to blows and had to be separated. UFC 194 shared a video clip of the skirmish, where Aldo mocked McGregor"s stance.

Per SB Nation"s Bloody Elbow, more than 9,000 fans showed up because that the spectacle in ~ the MGM, and also they appeared to reap the pre-fight action.

Both battle aircraft made weight at 145 pounds together they prepare because that the bout. Together with the drama, there was no shortage of society media opinion top top the fight either.

Aldo (25-1 MMA, 7-0 UFC) and McGregor (18-2 MMA, 6-0 UFC) are providing excitement never seen before at UFC, per Bloody Elbow:


Overwhelming price is yes, Aldo vs. McGregor is your many anticipated fight in UFC history. It's about 30 hours away or so from happening.

The heat on this fight has actually gone ago and forth due to the fact that of delays and an previously injury come McGregor, per OddsShark. As of Thursday, McGregor to be at -130 to win, and Aldo even money.


Former MMA fighter Chael Sonnen mutual his opinion the what it will certainly take because that Aldo come win, per SportsCenter:

sonnench says Jose Aldo will have to use his leg kicks to beat Conor McGregor in ~ UFC 194. Https://


Jose Aldo: If Conor has spies in mine camp, they should be telling him that I'm going to win this hit #UFC194

One human being who most likely doesn"t treatment who wins is UFC president Dana White. The more the hype, the much more money and also exposure for the UFC. White shared his excitement and also a various view the the weigh-in via Twitter:

It should definitely be a good bout between two fighters who have merged to win 43 of your 46 fights.

MMA Junkie shared predictions from the media (and that is readers) through Aldo comes out as the favorite. The was preferred by 55 percent the the readers, and also seven that the ripe media members.

However, once MMA Junkie interviewed various other media members from approximately the globe, lock were largely torn as soon as making a decision.

In a video in the article, MMA writer john Morgan chosen Aldo and also his rate to come the end on top, although he thinks it will be close.

I tell friend what, Conor seems relaxed, he seems confident. Every those intangible things lead me come say Conor McGregor. But, Jose Aldo, the man has actually not lost in 10 years. Conor has actually done together a an excellent job of talking that world forgot how an excellent Jose Aldo is. This fight way a lot come Jose Aldo. I think he it s okay it done.

Paul Dollery that Ireland"s online sports publication THE42.IE, said in the same video clip that do a identify prediction would be foolish:

Well yeah i think anybody who is predicting this fight through any good degree of certainty is more than likely lying friend know because nobody knows because that sure how this is going come go. Ns think a really important aspect is going come be who takes the facility of the octagon and backs their enemy up.

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Although through no degree of certainty, Dollery later seemed come lean toward McGregor:

"We"ve viewed Jose perhaps slowing under the second and 3rd round previously, so if Conor can get those type of cheap kicks off and take the wind the end of Jose the method he did with Chad , i think that could be the key."

The talent that these two is so an excellent that Dollery renders a an excellent point. However it could be ideal to play the safe and go v the current champ, claimed E. Spencer Kyte of brother Columbia"s The

"I"m torn, however I can"t go versus the champion. The feels weird come me to bet versus the champion the hasn"t shed a hit in 10 years. ... As lot as i think Conor is a phenomenal talent and also could really easily success this fight, i think the title goes earlier to Brazil with Jose Also."

So there you have it, the fight will certainly be a close one. If McGregor has done most of the talk (including this NSFW tirade earlier in the week), Aldo play the mind trick in ~ the weigh-in and also crawled right into McGregor"s head. 

Look because that Aldo to use his experience, and time off, to take this one in a split-decision.