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as soon as Floyd Mayweather dealt with Manny Pacquiao in might 2015, the pay-per-view pricing was $89.95 for standard definition (SD) and also $99.95 because that high definition (HD). Follow to Lance Pugmire of the Los Angeles Times, it’ll be the exact same pricing mechanism for Mayweather’s respectable 26th showdown through Conor McGregor.

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TheNotoriousMMA salary per watch price will be $89.95 -- same as the Pacquiao struggle - $10 much more for HD.

— Lance Pugmire (

Showtime spokesperson Madelyn Flax later shown the number to USA now Sports.

Also of keep in mind is the programming listed by FOX Sports. There will certainly be a two-hour preliminary card special airing prior to the Showtime PPV broadcast, and while UFC cards typically air prelims top top FS1, Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing prelims are collection to it is in televised ~ above FOX.

Per the official press release:

Fight day coverage begins Saturday, august 26 ~ above the FOX transfer network and FOX Deportes in ~ 6:00 pm ET v a one-hour PREFIGHT SHOW. Then, in ~ 7:00 afternoon ET activity moves into the ring v two hrs of preliminary boxing bouts live on FOX and also FOX Deportes, v the SHOWTIME PPV telecast commencing at 9:00 afternoon ET. The night wraps up immediately following the main event with the FS1 and also FOX Deportes POSTFIGHT SHOW. Coverage kicks turn off on Friday, Aug. 25 through the WEIGH-IN present live on FS1 and also FOX Deportes at 7:00 afternoon ET.

Helping build anticipation because that the fight, FOX sporting activities presents the UFC tonight Special: Mayweather vs. McGregor press Tour live ~ above FS2, with re-airs later on each night on FS1. The people Tour kicks off Tuesday, July 11 (5:30 pm ET) indigenous Los Angeles; followed by Wednesday, July 12 (6:00 pm ET) native Toronto; Thursday, July 13 (7:00 pm ET) in brand-new York; and wraps ~ above Friday, July 14 (2:00 afternoon ET) indigenous London’s Wembley Arena.

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No undercard fights have been announced because that either the PPV or the FOX broadcast. The event is much less than two months far so maybe they’ll be revealed fairly soon.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao go 4.4 million buys and satisfied few of the customers v the top quality of their fight. With the exact same pricing structure in location for Mayweather vs. McGregor, will the buyrate exceed the seemingly unexceedable (this no a word, however it have to be) record-shattering number from 2 years ago? we’ll soon discover out.


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