In a hit that readjusted the course of his job in the very first of their bouts. Nate Diaz emerged victorious in the very first epic battle against Conor McGregor in ~ UFC 196. Diaz and McGregor will once again square turn off in a rematch in ~ UFC 202 on respectable 20 live from ras Vegas top top Pay-Per-View. For their rematch the was originally scheduled to title UFC 200.And the succeeding fallout indigenous the Irishman’s removal native the card. The rematch has actually now if anything has actually grown right into an even bigger fight and may really well outstrip 200 in PPV. In yet one more record-setting night, Diaz go on come break some Irish hearts along the method in his loss of the Irishman.With UFC 202 just around the corner, that is just fitting that we take part time come look back at the night whereby Nathan Diaz shocked the world. Defeating McGregor, and setup them up to as soon as again confront off within the UFC octagon. How will he fare next time around when these two warriors once again face-off within the UFC octagon.In a fight that observed McGregor pushing the action early on and landing some heavy punches. A bloodied and beaten Nate Diaz go by come his corner at the end of the very first round. While in the opposite corner, while not yet struggling because that air McGregor walk look favor someone who had actually used a vast amount that energy.

Nate Diaz ends The Conor McGregor Fight

Heading into the 2nd round, Conor ongoing to pour on the hefty blows i m sorry looked come be acquisition their toll. However, together the second round progressed, McGregor started to visibly struggle. It appeared as though he had used his gas tank and left himself breakable to a common Diaz counterattack. Just when Nate captured Conor through a stiff beat which wobbled the Irishman.And as he staggered backwards, Nate ongoing to to water on the pressure. Till Conor feeling the need to shoot in and also go for an worn down takedown. However seeing the danger, Nate sprawled and subsequently mounted McGregor. Landing tough punches from the height McGregor offered up his back as Diaz sank in a rear-naked choking to finish the fight.Diaz will no doubt have actually learned a lot native the very first fight, as will Conor McGregor. Just how will your approaches adjust if any kind of this time around? UFC 196 really much changed the careers the both men, sending out one o nan increase trajectory and also the other in the opposite direction. Will points be various from the 2nd time that asking? We uncover out once these two soon challenge off again.T:

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