It seems prefer Urijah Faber is really pushing for a "red panty night" payday with Conor McGregor.

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When Jose Aldo pulled the end of UFC 189 v a rib injury, the UFC were left with only one reasonable replacement because that the main event.

After skipping the access of Frankie Edgar, they made decision to give Chad Mendes a third crack in ~ a featherweight strap.


McGregor brutally knocked out the Team Alpha masculine product and also it to be announced that he would be squaring off against Urijah Faber together his coaching devil on the twenty-second season the “The can be fried Fighter”. Unlike various other seasons, however, Dana White revealed the California child would not be fighting McGregor at the finish of the series.

White described that McGregor would be unifying his belt v Jose Aldo’s come decide that was the undisputed champion the the featherweight division... Obviously.

However, Faber has another take ~ above why the didn"t acquire a shot at handing the well known his an initial loss inside the UFC. The revealed it come the media at a recent press event.

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“I have actually the many submissions in the background of the sport and he’s tapped to a kneebar in a minute-something, a choke by someone else."

“I nothing think Conor’s fear of anything. He’s game to fight. The UFC brass is wade gingerly about it.”

We acquire it, Faber, you"re in search of that huge money fight.