Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel are regarded as the most politically free late-night hosts, a new poll finds.


On in march 16, job after president Trump boasted about his support amongst police, armed forces members and also motorcycle bikers and how they can get “tough” with his opponents, Stephen Colbert sound wistful onThe so late Show. “At times prefer these, i think around the chairman we might have had, Hillary Clinton. No perfect, obviously. However you know, not publicly threaten The Purge,” Colbert quipped.

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The CBS late-night host’s politics candor has actually been attributed with the Late Show‘s ratings rise because Trump’s 2016 election. And, in the 18-49 demo this month, Colbert newly topped NBC’s Tonight Show organize Jimmy Fallon for first timesince the host’sLate Showlaunch in 2015.

The previous Comedy main host is likewise viewed by countless Americans as among the most liberal late-night mirrors on television today, a new Hollywood Reporter/Morning Consult poll finds. (The survey was conducted among a nationally representative sample the 2,201 adult from in march 7 to 10 this year.) part 42 percent that respondents explain Stephen Colbert and also ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel as “more liberal” politically, when 40 percent think the very same of Jimmy Fallon.

About 43 percent of respondents surveyed in this poll declared that they watched late-night shows live on television “multiple times a week,” with 31 percent saying they checked Facebook or YouTube multiple times weekly to capture up top top clips from this hosts.

Americans it seems ~ to have actually the many favorable impression that Jimmy Fallon among late-night personalities, with 58 percent that respondents saying they normally like the host. The Tonight display host is adhered to by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel (56 percent favorable), TBS’ Conan O’Brien (48 percent), CBS’ Stephen Colbert (44 percent) and NBC’s Seth Meyers (40 percent).

Meanwhile, 33 percent that respondents viewed HBO’s invoice Maher favorably, v Comedy Central’s Trevor noah (30 percent), HBO’s john Oliver (28 percent) and also TBS’ Samantha bee (21 percent) trailing by the measure.

The survey likewise looked in ~ which late-night master Americans wanted to hear an ext from when it involved political opinions. By this measure, Colbert additionally led the way: part 30 percent that respondents responded that they liked once the CBS host discussed politics, when 29 percent enjoyed Kimmel and also Fallon’s political segments and also 24 percent preferred HBO hold Bill Maher’s Beltway takes.

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This season, CBS’Late show With Stephen Colbertis averaging 3.8 million complete viewers when NBC’sTonight Showclocks in at 2.48 million and ABC’sJimmy Kimmel Live!follows in ~ 2.07 million.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, american overwhelmingly think the the bulk of late-night hosts in basic tend to lean much more to the left politically. Part 50 percent of respondents said late-night hosts space “more liberal” while 12 percent thought these personalities were neutral and also 11 percent deemed them “more conservative.”