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Talkers magazine has released the 2013 “Heavy Hundred” list of the 100 most essential radio talk display hosts in America — and also Rush Limbaugh as soon as again leads the pack.

Limbaugh, who took the height spot in Talkers’ 2012 ranking, is adhered to by Sean Hannity ~ above the trade sector publication’s annual list of speak radio hosts. Dave Ramsey, that hosts a nationally syndicated radio show on jae won topics, make the height three this year, knocking under conservative talker Michael Savage.

Talkers magazine"s optimal 10:

1. Rush Limbaugh 2. Sean Hannity 3. Dave Ramsey 4. Glenn Beck 5. Michael Savage 6. Ed Schultz 7. Mark Levin 8. Jerry Doyle 9. Thom Hartmann 10. Joe Madison

Several political talk present hosts had actually notable move on this year’s list: Beck jumped number of spots native his number 9 ranking critical year; Laura Ingraham, that left talk Radio Network last year and took a brief hiatus prior to returning top top air through Courtside Entertainment team in January, dropped from 5th to 17th; and also liberal host and MSNBC hold Ed Schultz dropped 2 spots from 4th to 6th this year. Overall, conservative hosts far outweigh liberal speak radio master on the list, and also Schultz renders the left’s greatest showing.

And in her an initial year top top the air, conservative speak radio host and also Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros — that took end the talk Radio Network slot previously hosted by Ingraham — landing at #24. Gov. Mike Huckabee make his debut in ~ #46.

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A couple of other notable political speak radio hosts on the list incorporate progressive talker and, because that now, present TV organize Stephanie Miller in ~ #12; conservative talk display host Mike Gallagher at #15; for free talker and Fox News contributor Alan Colmes in ~ #16; Herman Cain in ~ #59; Fox News’ Gerald Rivera, who has said he is “contemplating” a brand-new Jersey Senate run, in ~ #62; and Rev. Al Sharpton, likewise of MSNBC, in ~ #90.