When us talk around SEO and search engines, us instantly think of Google. But did you understand there are numerous alternative find engines out there with just as lot to offer?

Google is a internationally recognized find engine and also an market giant, in fact, even the second biggest “search engine” is Google Images, according to this study:


Boardreader search engine

Boardreader is a search engine for forums and also message boards. It allows you to search forums and also then filter down results by date and also language.

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It’s a advantageous tool for doing content study as it renders it really easy to discover content created by genuine users in ~ the topic. If girlfriend aren’t familiar with the niche in stimulate to recognize the ideal forum to visit, Boardreader have the right to be a an excellent place come start.

8. StartPage


Disconnect find search engine

Disconnect permits you to conduct anonymous searches v a find engine of her choice.

When you go into a find term, her query is rerouted and anonymized v Disconnect’s servers before being passed on to the search engine girlfriend selected. This permits you to usage your favorite find engine without any type of privacy issues.

Disconnect also offers web browser extensions and also apps that permit you to block tracking sites, pack pages faster, view advertising requests and many more privacy-based functions.

16. Yippy


Yippy search engine

Yippy is another good choice because that privacy, as it doesn’t track your searches or show customized adverts. It permits you to search different species of content including websites, images, news, jobs, blogs, and also government data.

While the doesn’t provide you a vast amount of results for your query, Yippy also permits you come filter the outcomes using a selection of categories such together source, time, or object to give you the many relevant websites.

17. Swisscows


Swisscows search engine

Swisscows provides totally encrypted searches to safeguard your privacy and security. It no store an individual data, IP addresses or search queries, and its servers space based in Switzerland, which has some the the world’s strictest privacy policies.

It’s specifically popular v parents who want to offer their children a safe search experience, as its built-in filter for pornography and violence can’t be overridden.

It uses semantic information recognition to market intuitive answers to search queries, and data pools to create answers quickly and also efficiently. The innovative semantic map shows various other relevant or famous queries, helping to provide you even an ext information.

18. Lukol


Lukol search engine

Lukol is an anonymous find engine that serves outcomes from Google however maintains your privacy by removing any traceable elements.

This way that you deserve to still benefit from Google’s search strength without worrying about being tracked. Lukol ensures the complete anonymity of her searches and helps to save you for sure by protecting friend from misleading or unreasonable sites.

In terms of functionality, it’s quite a basic search engine. Friend can pick from web, images, news, and videos for her search, but there aren’t any choices to filter results.

19. MetaGer


MetaGer search engine

MetaGer provides “Privacy defended Search & Find” v its anonymized search. They are a non-profit organization, so they have nothing to acquire by tracking her searches, and they just use eco-friendly energy, adding to the sense of trust.

MetaGer is a metasearch engine that queries up to 50 exterior search engines, giving variety and depth to its results. That does not take clickthrough rate into account when it processes a query, so results are unfiltered and unbiased. They even offer maps and also route-planning without tracking her location.

You can also download a plugin the sets MetaGer as your default find engine and start page to ensure her searches constantly remain private.

20. Gigablast


Gigablast search engine

Gigablast is a private search engine the indexes countless websites and also servers real-time info without tracking your data, maintaining you hidden from marketers and also spammers.

It’s not the most attractive search engine out there, but it uses a range of choices for filtering or customizing your query, including searching by language, exact phrase, and record type. In addition to web, news, and images, Gigablast also offers a directory and a comprehensive progressed search function.

21. Oscobo


Oscobo find engine

Oscobo is a search engine the protects your privacy when you find the web. By no using any type of third-party devices or scripts, your data is protected from hacking and also misuse.

By encrypting every traffic, the delivers cotton search outcomes without any kind of tracking, consisting of IP addresses and also cookies. Oscobo i will not ~ send the search term to the site that you click or re-publishing your an individual data or find history.

You have the right to search by web, images, videos, and also maps for great usability. Over there is also a Chrome extension that enables you to find privately native the Chrome bar because that easy accessibility to secure queries.

22. Infinity Search


Infinity search

Infinity search is an alternate search engine with a special emphasis on privacy. In fact, Infinity find does not conserve what customers search for and they perform not log any identifiable information about their visitors. To speed up search results, Infinity find retrieves outcomes from multiple sources and also has a sidebar on the results web page where users have the right to search for the same thing on many other websites.

A cool thing about this solid alternate search engine is the it’s also open source. You deserve to find an ext about it at https://gitlab.com/infinitysearch/infinity-search.

The find engine has several built-in integrations, such together stock charts and also HTML editors. Something the separates Infinity find from numerous other search engines is that they have actually their very own indexes and do not specifically rely on outside sources.

What Is the finest Search Engine other Than Google?

There is zero doubt that Google is the biggest and also arguably the ideal search engine out there, thanks to its an effective algorithms and AI.

So, selecting to browse the web without using Google might seem favor an odd thing to try. But being the ideal search engine come at a cost.

It is renowned that Google personalizes your browsing experience at the cost of share your personal data and also by enabling Google to monitor you throughout the internet. For some, this personalization may become annoying at least.

What’s more, plenty of of these choices have different features and approaches come privacy to sell you. So walk ahead and give one a try, you can even finish up with much better search results.

Here room some methods you deserve to use these alternate search engines:

Perform a Bang find on DuckDuckGo

A DuckDuckGo bang is a shortcut that easily takes you to search outcomes on other sites.

For example, when you desire to find on an additional site (like Wikipedia, Amazon, GitHub, stack Overflow ect) just include a ! come the find bar:


Bang search with DuckDuckGo

You’ll have the ability to select native a big list the target sites and perform a search. The bang will certainly then take it you directly to the search results web page on the website you simply defined. Beneficial for as soon as you understand you want to search on another site.

Check if Websites room Down ~ above DuckDuckGo

Another one native DuckDuckGo here. You can quickly and easily check whether a website is down by searching: “is X down”:


Website standing DuckDuckGo

Preview pictures in the results on Bing

Just hover over photo in the search outcomes to get a preview that the image:


Preview photos with Bing

If you float over thumbnail images in Bing video clip Search, you’ll also get a short preview that the video. This help you come quickly check whether a clip is relevant without visiting the website.

Compare website in WolframAlpha

Using WolframAlpha, you have the right to do a fast website compare of any type of web address.

For example, browsing “facebook.com vs twitter.com”:


Website comparison v WolframAlpha

Data is traction from ideal from Alexa’s database to give you a rapid high-level watch of two websites.

What Is the ideal Search Engine because that Privacy?

So you want to search the net without compromising her privacy? climate you much better use a private search engine.

But What Is a private Search Engine?

A personal search engine is a find engine that does no track that users’ data and delivers search results with additional protection and levels of data privacy.

The ideal search engines because that privacy are:


Let’s look in ~ them a little closer in terms of protecting your privacy:

Best personal Search Engine #1: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has a detailed and also transparent privacy policy. However, if 100% privacy is your goal, you should recognize that that does save search histories. DuckDuckGo cases that this is “non-personal” and also aggregated data, so your searches can not be traced ago directly come you.

You have the right to read the complete DuckDuckGo privacy policy here.

Best personal Search Engine #2: StartPage

StartPage’s privacy plan is simple and to the point: “We don’t track you. Us don’t profile you. Period.” as soon as using this private search engine, metadata (personal information like your IP address) is eliminated from your search query. This anonymous find request is then sent out to Google, climate the outcomes are sent out to you via StartPage there is no revealing any kind of of your exclusive data.

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You can read the full StartPage privacy policy here.

Google is the #1 find engine. Go it mean it"s the just one you might use? inspect out the best choices and what they have the right to offer