Elderly mobster Edmond O"Brien rental a hit man to get rid of his rival. There space albino alligators, skillful chase scenes, and Chuck Connors as a one-handed psycho who can fit assorted deadly weapons on his stumpy arm.

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Shane is an American western television collection aired in 1966 and also based top top the 1949 book of the same name by Jack Schaefer (there had likewise been a 1953 film of the novel, Shane). The collection starred David Carradine together the location character, a previous gun fighter and sometimes outlaw that takes on work as a hired-hand in ~ the ranch of a widowed woman, she son, and her father-in-law. The series, i beg your pardon aired on ABC, to be filmed together a proceeding story.

Another world (often shortened come AW) is one American television soap opera the aired top top NBC from might 4, 1964, come June 25, 1999. The was developed by Irna Phillips in addition to William J. Bell, and was created by Procter & gamble Productions in ~ NBC Studios, 1268 east 14th Street in Brooklyn.

East Side/West side is an American drama series starring George C. Scott, Elizabeth Wilson, Cicely Tyson, and also later on, Linden Chiles. The series aired for one season (1963–64) and also was displayed Monday nights on CBS.

Medical drama about mentally-ill patients and also their skilled caregivers, and also the brand-new group-therapy sessions aiming to change the timeless physical restraint and also electroshock treatments.

The Dakotas is an ABC/Warner Bros. Western television collection starring Larry Ward and also featuring Jack Elam, Chad Everett , and also Michael Greene, broadcast during 1963. The short-lived regimen is considered a spin-off of Clint Walker"s Cheyenne.
Jane"s vehicle breaks down and also she makes her means to a nearby estate, own by a mysterious guy named Caligari. Soon she finds that she has come to be a virtual prisoner, and none the the strange inhabitants of the estate are willing or capable of helping her escape. Caligari discover himself as a passive pervert, mirroring her filthy pictures, spying on her, and trying to make her talk about intimate details of she life. She do the efforts to free herself by the only method at her disposal.
Drama around a young woman, Erica, who is wrongly implicated in a crime and also sent to prison for five years, where she deals with deplorable conditions. V the aid of the warden, she sets out to prove her innocence.
Ralph (Karl Malden) and also Annabell Willart (Dame Angela Lansbury) are a feuding couple who space constantly bickering over your worthless, good-for-nothing boy Berry-Berry (Warren Beatty). As soon as Berry-Berry starts yet another meaningless love affair, this time with an larger woman named Echo O"Brien (Eva Marie Saint), he yes, really gets his parents at every others" throats.
Prudence resigns from she teaching place after gift criticized for offering a student her copy the a romantic novel. She sails for Italy, take away a job at a tiny bookstore in Rome, and also meets Don, who has actually just damaged up with his girlfriend. Prudence and Don tourism Italy together, and romance naturally follows.
87th Precinct is one American crime drama certification Robert Lansing, Gena Rowlands, Ron Harper, Gregory Walcott and Norman Fell, i beg your pardon aired on NBC top top Monday evenings throughout the 1961–1962 television season. The characters appeared in a series of novels and also short stories created by Ed McBain.
"Way the end is a 1961 American horror, fantasy, and also science fiction tv anthology series hosted through writer Roald Dahl. The macabre black-and-white 25-minute shows were introduced by Dahl, his challenge projected in a disconcerting room of mirrors effect, dryly carrying a short introductory monologue, expounding on together unusual topics as undertakers or frogs or murdering a romantic rival with ground tiger"s whiskers.
Surfside 6 is an alphabet television series which aired indigenous 1960 come 1962. The show centered on a Miami coast detective agency collection on a houseboat and featured troy Donahue as Sandy Winfield II; valve Williams together Kenny Madison (a character recycle from Bourbon Street Beat); and also Lee Patterson as Dave Thorne. Diane McBain co-starred together socialite Daphne Dutton, who yacht was berthed alongside their houseboat. Spanish actress Margarita Sierra also had a supporting duty as Cha Cha O"Brien, an entertainer who worked at the eight Boom Room, a popular Miami beach hangout in ~ the Fontainebleau Hotel, directly across the street native Surfside 6.
Outlaws is an NBC Western tv series, starring Barton MacLane as U.S. Marshal frank Caine, who operated in a lawless section of Oklahoma Territory around Stillwater.
Here"s Hollywood is an American celebrity interview routine which aired on weekday afternoons top top NBC in ~ 4:30 eastern time indigenous September 26, 1960, come December 28, 1962.
Thriller (also known as Boris Karloff"s Thriller and also Boris Karloff Presents) is one American anthology television collection that aired throughout the 1960–61 and also 1961–62 seasons on NBC. The show featured host Boris Karloff introducing a mix of macabre fear tales and also suspense thrillers.
Captain walking Hunnicutt is the wealthiest and also most an effective citizen in his Texan town; that is additionally a well known womanizer, which has turned his wife Hannah against him. She has carried up their child Theron to be dependent top top her; yet as that reaches adulthood, Hunnicutt insists on acquisition over his upbringing, initiating him in hunting and other masculine pursuits, under the watchful eye that Rafe, Hunnicutt"s loyal employee. However Theron"s brand-new lifestyle leads him into a love-affair through a neighborhood girl, and also thence come his discovering things about his parents that were previously surprise from him.

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The Hunter family has lengthy owned a mansion on pine tree Island, a summer resort located off the Maine coast. Bart Hunter"s currently deceased father to be able to open up the mansion for complimentary when Bart to be younger, but current owner Bart, a drunkard and also weak man, should now live over there year round for financial survival through his wife Sylvia and their so late teen-aged kid Johnny, the family members who space barely able to eke out a living v the mansion now as a year-round inn i beg your pardon is in severe state the disrepair. Bart and Sylvia room in a quietly unhappy marital relationship due greatly to Bart"s drinking. The Buffalo-based Jorgensons - husband Ken Jorgenson, his wife Helen Jorgenson and also their late teen-aged daughter Molly Jorgenson - have actually rented rooms in ~ the inn because that the summer, when Ken looks because that a summer home on the island. Ken live on the island two decades ago, he actually a working class lifeguard because that Bart"s dad at that time. Ken is currently a self-made millionaire as a study scientist, who had actually never been earlier to the island until now. Ken and also Helen too room in one unsatisfying marriage, Helen, a shrew and also prude, who appears to hate and mistrust anything and also everything, including her husband and daughter. Helen only seems pertained to with publicly perception the their resides are perfect. Upon very first meeting, Johnny and Molly fall in love. Meanwhile, Ken and Sylvia rekindle a romance from two decades earlier, they unsure if Bart knew at the moment of your relationship, i beg your pardon did not last because of the distinctions in their social background. The 2 romances have actually a rocky road to potential happiness. Helen does no trust one of two people Johnny or Molly come be morally proper. Ken and Sylvia know that their corresponding spouses will never ever consent come divorce, and if they perform will do everything they have the right to so that they will certainly never acquire to watch their children again. And also despite understanding that their particular parents are unhappy in their marriages, Johnny and also Molly execute not approve of a liaison between his mother and her father. Regardless, Ken and also Sylvia desire to carry out their kids with as much love and guidance as possible, including encouraging them come follow your hearts while not acquiring into trouble, a article which may not be heard if only since of Johnny and Molly believing the what they room doing is disgusting, and also because that Johnny and Molly"s very own raging hormones.