A construction worker passed away Friday, June 25, after he fell through the roof the a Santa Fe Springs structure he was working on, police said.

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The coroner’s office hasn’t determined the 33-year-old man.

The incident occurred on the 14000 block the Freeway Drive whereby a commercial structure is under construction, Whittier police Lt. Brian Corletto said. Firefighters called Whittier police approximately 7:30 a.m.

“He to be on the roof. He was harnessed and also had a hard hat on,” Corletto said.

Somehow, the man lost his footing and also fell through the roof, according to the sublievenant who estimated the worker fell around 40 feet.

“He endured traumatic head injury,” Corletto said.

Firefighters express the worker dead at the scene.

The division of work Safety and Health, likewise known as Cal OSHA, comment to the construction site, Corletto said.

Santa Fe Springs contracts through Whittier police.

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