When shopping because that a brand-new full-size truck, one of the primary questions is if it will be reliable due to the fact that trucks are frequently kept much longer than other vehicles. This idea and a recent news report from Consumer Reports led me come compile this perform of 2021 the very least reliable full-size trucks.

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If you room a GM fan, you may want come skip this story.

How the 2021 least reliable full-size trucks list is created

Each year, Consumer Reports release a list of the most and also least trusted vehicles because that the upcoming model year based on previous survey results. This year, the the very least reliable automobile list had 10 models through the 2021 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra and the smaller, mid-size Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon included to this list.

In fact, the Silverado was at the peak of the dubious list.

The rest of the list contained various SUVs. Ns dug a little bit deeper into the data native Consumer Reports and came up through the 2021 the very least reliable full-size trucks ranking. This data is consisted of of 329,000 survey responses from owners representing an mean of 200-300 responses per vehicle models follow to Consumer Reports.

Finally, the list contained from 2000-2020 model years through the inspection asking for difficulties in the past 12 month to identify the 2021 reliability prediction. V trucks largely using the same parts year after year, also through a brand-new model is being launched, this deserve to be a fairly an excellent gauge on dependability — at the very least for the first couple of years of ownership.

Let’s start with the least reliable and also work our way up come the most reliable indigenous those survey responses.

5. Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra

At the peak of our least reliable list room the full-size GM twins, the Chevy Silverado and also GMC Sierra. Consumer Reports gave them the shortest grade possible pointing out problems with the transmission, brakes and in-car electronic devices (infotainment system) amongst other items.

I dug into this data and was surprised i couldn’t narrow down the details problems and also what exact transmission they were referring to. The video on this article lays the end my research.

The truth is the Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra have the right to be purchased with a dizzying range of engines and also transmissions such together the often criticized 8-speed transmission. This provides the Consumer Reports data hard to narrow down for consumers. My finest advice is come shop for the 10-speed transmission since it is the newest and also I’m not hearing an unfavorable things. Yet.


With a large variety that trims, cabin/bed configurations and also engines plus big sales volume, the Ford F-150 walk a pretty great job on this reliability list. (Photo courtesy Ford)

4. Ford F-150

The best-selling full-size van on the market, per my calculations based on sales reports, the Ford F-150 likewise has the distinction of providing the most range of cabin configurations, engines and bed lengths as well as option groups. In my view, this provides the third place ranking quite a surprise.

Why? more sales and more variety often include up to much more quality issues since you are supplying so numerous different versions and also selling so lot volume. The reality is, nobody desires to buy a lemon or a problem-plagued truck. However, that does happen, and also the odds are higher with more volume and also options.

Ford has actually started the relocate to narrow under some options and is utilizing its new 10-speed transmission across the plank cutting down on powertrain variety. This is a great thing in mine book, and also my expectation is high quality will continue to improve also with the sales volume.

One of many overlooked full-size truck, the Nissan Titan is in reality a solid truck v a growing reputation because that reliability. (Photo courtesy Nissan)

3. Nissan Titan

The various other non-Detroit 3 truck, the Nissan Titan, is next on our list. This van made a big splash with a much bigger model, as well as a Cummins-powered diesel XD model, gift unveiled in 2015 for the 2016 model year.

For the last couple of years, quality has actually been pretty good on these trucks from my understanding, and also its ranking ~ above our list isn’t a large surprise to me.

It has been contempt refreshed because that the 2020 design year through addressing several of the crucial criticisms consisting of a sun roof, more trim differentiation through different grilles and also other little details. I suppose to check out this truck remaining high on many reliability reports.

No surprise the Toyota Tundra ranks highly on yet another reliability list. (Photo courtesy Toyota)

1. Toyota Tundra (Tied)

The long-time gold traditional for reliability, the Toyota Tundra tied v the ram 1500 as the 2021 many reliable truck.

Now, there space two ways to look at this.

First, the Tundra is currently the oldest truck top top the industry in state of once it to be refreshed. The thinking, then, is many of the bugs have actually been cleared up by now and also while this is most likely true, Toyota likewise has a solid reputation for quality and also this truck has always scored fine in that regard.

Second, you might actually make the instance it has fallen in regards to tying v the ram 1500. What I median is: Ram’s quality has been so poor for therefore long, it currently pulls Toyota’s quality down by tying v the brand.

With Toyota dropping its infection cooler for the 2019 and 2020 design year, I have to wonder if this factored into the survey responses. Time will certainly tell if that decision will certainly pan out.


The big surprise ~ above this list needs to be the ranking that the ram 1500. (Photo courtesy Ram)

1. Lamb 1500 (Tied)

This is a little bit of a surprise with so plenty of recent transforms for the ram 1500 truck consisting of a whole brand-new infotainment system, brand-new 48-volt battery-powered, belt-driven motor generator (aka eTorque system) and many various other improvements.

As among the in the history worst performing brands because that reliability, the lamb 1500 has started seeing indicators of advancement with a surprise success from J.D. Power’s inital quality study.

Also, play a huge duty in the improvement is the 8-speed ZF infection Ram began using in 2013, i beg your pardon was their Achilles’ heel for reliability.

With sales increasing and much more miles acquiring put ~ above the 2019 models, we space going to it is in curious come see exactly how next year’s report looks.

The bottom heat on the the very least reliable full-size trucks

Be an informed consumer. Predicted reliability of a new model is simply that, predicted. A assumption: v really.

As you shop because that a brand-new truck, save this perform in mind as well as many others that we have covered below. Then, add your own thoughts come the list. This is the best way to choose the ideal truck for you.

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