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The December 2016 concern of customer Reports magazine includes the outcomes from their 2016 automobile Reliability Survey through over a half million data points. In this public-viewable article, CR share the full 2017 reliability rankings through brand and also the relative readjust from 2016. There to be some far-reaching moves up and down. Highlights:

Most reliable: Lexus and Toyota.Most point out improved: Infiniti and Acura.Biggest ranking drop: Volkswagen, Volvo, and Subaru.

A partial excerpt v the optimal rankings space below:


Consumer Reports also shared part commentary and also tips:

Toyota and Lexus room on height again, i beg your pardon CR credits to their careful, gradual method to automobile feature alters to avoid any kind of sudden autumn in reliability.Wait a year or two before buying a freshly resigned design from most brands. The takes a if to job-related out the kinks.Speaking of kinks, a common source of concerns in brand-new cars are their brand-new infotainment screens and facility transmissions (CVT, 8/9-speed, dual-clutch, etc).Despite providing these brand rankings, customer Reports recommends the you shop by vehicle and also not just by brand. Part brands favor Toyota and Lexus room reliable throughout the brand, yet others favor Ford have a wide range of rankings through model. The course, you’ll need full print or digital access to acquire those numbers.

If you don’t see your brand listed, the is probably as result of a lack of data points.

My thoughts.

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In regards to trends as compared to critical year’s 2015 survey, ns was disappointed to watch Honda slip a little bit again in the dependability rankings. Castle dropped 4 spots critical year and another 2 clues this year. ~ above an pure basis, Honda now has the same dependability score together BMW, whose cars have an ext fancy features and also a background of median reliability. Top top the upper and lower reversal side, both Hyundai and Kia moved up another 1-2 spots this year after both moving up 4 spots critical year, earning a hard spot with each other in the height 8 “More Reliable” brands.