What’s in a integrity rating? At consumer Reports, there’s a significant amount the data the goes into the annual scores for each vehicle. What make these rankings therefore compelling is, no automakers gain a say in the results.

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For the 2019 design year, customer Reports looked at survey responses indigenous 500,000 auto owners. With details on everything from engine and also brake equipment to interior quality and also infotainment, the nonprofit testing firm felt i was sure predicting which vehicles will offer buyers the least trouble in the coming years.

If you’re searching for a new vehicle in the following calendar year, these ratings are around as reputable a resource as you’ll find. Right here are the 10 cars and SUVs that landed the highest reliability scores for 2019.

10. Toyota Highlander

2019 Toyota Highlander | ToyotaAfter a flawless power in 2018, Highlander cracked this year’s top 10.

If friend look at the data top top the Highlander SUV due to the fact that its 2014 redesign, you’ll uncover a car with no mechanical difficulties whatsoever (and barely any kind of cabin issues, either). Yet Highlander’s best all at once year come in 2018, once it score the greatest mark in each of the 17 categories consumer Reports examined.

Since 2010, only a grasp of car (and simply two SUVs) have been an ext dependable because that owners than Highlander.

9. Kia Sedona

2019 Kia Sedona | KiaThe most reliable minivan of current years also left Toyota Sienna in the dust.

To floor the height reliability rating in any segment, a vehicle usually needs to knock a Toyota turn off the podium. That’s specifically what the 2019 Kia Sedona did.

After numerous consecutive year of to run without any significant complaints native owners, Sedona landed its best reliability mark (82%) to date this time around. That was more than sufficient to top Toyota Sienna (72%) and bury the rest of the minivan competition.

8. Honda Fit

2019 Honda right | HondaAfter 3 straight years with top reliability ratings, Fit gone into the winner’s circle because that 2019.

Consumer Reports prices the Honda Fit as the best subcompact vehicle on the U.S. Market, and also its high integrity marks room a large part of that. In the latest survey, owners reported no flaws at all in this model. End the two years prior, the only an unfavorable feedback you can discover revolves approximately minor climate-system issues.

Overall, the made it three straight years the Fit score the top reliability rating. That’s one reason why this vehicle has such low depreciation compared come the remainder of the segment.

7. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius 4 Touring | ToyotaThe many reliable passenger auto of the decade organized steady for 2019.

If you ring up every consumer Reports dependability survey since 2010, you’ll find the Toyota 4Runner scoring much better than any kind of vehicle in America. Adhering to that truck-like SUV, you obtain Toyota Prius, the iconic hybrid the gets 56 mpg in its many economical trim.

For 2019, there was no change in Prius’s standing, despite the safety and security recalls the automaker announced in October. The bottom heat is this: Prius owners haven’t reported any kind of flaw in this model’s engine, transmission, hybrid system, or brakes in the past 10 years.

6. Lexus NX

Lexus NX 450h | LexusAfter a flawless power in 2018, Highlander cracked the peak 10.

There have actually plenty of problems with high-end crossovers in recent years, yet you never discover Lexus models among them. In the situation of the compact NX, minor worries with paint and also trim (2015) and infotainment (2016) were resolved over the last two years.

As of the latest consumer Reports survey, the NX watch close come flawless. That high clues (88%) made everything from the Porsche Macan (53%) come the Mercedes GLC (34%) look inadequate in this department.

5. Toyota Corolla

2019 Toyota Corolla | ToyotaIn a hard compact-car class, Corolla topped the fill again for 2019.

By now, you’re probably already tired of seeing Toyotas beat the end the competition because that reliability, however imagine exactly how other automakers feel. The story continued with the Corolla when again besting various other compact dare to claim the top spot with its terrific score (89%).

Owners haven’t report anything wrong with this vehicle since 2014, and also that was a minor worry with in-car electronics. Otherwise, it’s proven to be together durable and practical as the one your mother used come drive.

4. Mazda Miata

2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata | MazdaThe Miata’s integrity rating for 2019 is just one of its greatest ever.

For 2019, the Mazda MX-5 Miata got a far-ranging power boost, which have to make the famous roadster even much more fun to drive. Meanwhile, it logged one of its best reliability ratings (91%) ever before in consumer Reports rankings.

Over the past five years, Miata owners haven’t report a solitary mechanical cons in their cars. That’s been a usual thread in this model’s background since the so late 1980s.

3. Toyota Prius Prime

Toyota Prius element | Eric Schaal/The Cheat SheetOne the America’s most economical cars is nearly one of its most reliable.

With around 25 mile of electric driving and also a 54-mpg system backing it up, the Toyota Prius Prime is just one of the many economical car you have the right to buy in America. (As us learned in a week-long test, it’s straightforward to obtain over 100 mpg driving one.)

Heading right into its third model year, owners haven’t report a single trouble area because that the plug-in hybrid. Once you claim the taxation credit, element is together affordable as the conventional Prius, though it rates even greater for dependability (91%).

Given that option, we can’t view why buyers would certainly opt for continual hybrid — especially because you have the right to charge element in a few hours on any type of household outlet.

2. Toyota Prius c

Toyota Prius c | ToyotaEven the smallest Prius was close come perfect on the reliability front.

If you look at Prius c’s bad road-test score (55) or review some the the testers’ note (“crude,” “cheap,” “unrefined”), you could get the impression the customer Reports team no this car. That might be so, yet they couldn’t deny it to be the many reliable passenger auto in America for 2019.

You can pore over six years of ratings because that as long as friend like; you’re not going come find any kind of mechanical flaws v this subcompact. That provides the forecast of terrific reliability here an easy one.

1. Lexus GX

2019 Lexus GX | LexusThe luxury version of the most reliable auto of the decade reigns because that 2019.

If you desire the optimal reliability the a 4Runner yet need an ext tech and also comfort, the rugged Lexus GX is the way to go. Speak what girlfriend will about this platform’s body-on-frame clunkiness in late ’18; it’s a proven warrior.

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Specifically, its lofty integrity score (95%) left the Audi Q7 (66%) way behind while embarrassing competitors like the Mercedes GLE (52%) and Acura MDX (40%). Just paper it under “not a solitary thing wrong through it in years” and also leave the there.